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"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?" Gandhi

Friday, October 24, 2014

Turn the water on for the people of Gaza

The water situation for the 1.7 million Palestinian residents of Gaza was dire before this summer's war. Today, it's catastrophic.

Due to electricity shortages and damage to Gaza infrastructure, untreated sewage is flooding Gaza streets and running into the sea, creating public health risk for Gazans and Israelis alike.

Gazans desperately need access to clean water, and there is an easy solution. One of three water pipelines that run from Israel into Gaza has never been turned on. Israel could literally double the flow of potable water to Gaza today--it's as easy as turning on the faucet.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tell Nepal: Stop sacrificing animals at Gadhimai

Every five years, Hindus celebrate the Gadhimai Festival at a temple in southern Nepal. There, over a two-day period, the world’s largest sacrifice of animals takes place.

Welcome to Health

Cutting through the hell of the medical-industrial complex!

Congress, Get Back and End War!

Revoke Wall Street's License to Steal

It’s time to strike a blow against forced arbitration clauses that let the big banks break the law with impunity.

Here’s how they work: just by opening an account or accepting a credit or debit card, you surrender your right to go to court if you are ever overcharged or treated unfairly. Instead, language buried deep in the fine print of the customer agreement compels you to plead your case before a private, secretive tribunal chosen for you by the bank.

Tell JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, US Bancorp, and PNC Financial to stop hiding behind fine-print arbitration clauses that block consumers from asserting their rights in court!

Arbitrators don’t have to abide by the law, their decisions are almost impossible to appeal, and, they know they’re unlikely to be re-hired if they make a habit of giving consumers a fair shake. One more thing the banks like about this system: as a rule, each wronged consumer must act alone, even if hundreds or thousands of others have been harmed by the same pattern of misconduct. (And the evidence that could document that misconduct remains conveniently secret.)

Earlier this year, a firestorm of public outrage compelled General Mills to retreat from a plan to impose forced arbitration on purchasers of Cheerios, Wheaties and Bisquick. We want to send a similar message to five of the biggest banks.

Click here to tell the big banks to respect consumers and stop using forced arbitration as a “Get out of jail free” card.

Making our voices heard on this issue can make a difference in more than one way. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is studying the impact of forced arbitration, and it has the authority to restrict or even ban the practice if it finds evidence of harm. Joining in this action is one way to let the CFPB as well as the banks know we think forced arbitration is a license to steal, and needs to stop.
Thank you for your support.


Lisa Donner
Executive Director
Americans for Financial Reform

Expand Social Security!

With just two weeks until Election Day, nine U.S. Senate races are too close to call. And in three of those races, the Democratic candidates have taken a strong stance on expanding, not cutting Social Security.

Stand with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Social Security Works in telling all Democratic U.S. Senate candidates that expanding Social Security is THE winning issue this November, and the right thing to do for the American people.

In order to pass expansion legislation in 2015, we first need to elect more Social Security champions in 2014!

Thank you for standing with us at this critical moment.

Michael Phelan
Social Security Works

Amazon is spooking us. Let's fight back -- now.

Amazon is now implementing a $600 million contract with its new business partner -- the CIA.

Please click here to support our campaign with this huge billboard next to Amazon headquarters.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Help Save Utah's Greater Canyonlands

When Franklin Roosevelt first proposed to protect Utah's canyon country in 1936, he envisioned a 4.5-million-acre area. But when Congress finally designated Canyonlands National Park in 1964, political pressure had whittled it down to just 257,000 acres.

Today much of the land around Canyonlands is still wild. Narrow canyons cradle endangered species like southwestern willow flycatchers and yellow-billed cuckoos. Four rivers sustain highly endangered fish and provide water to 40 million Americans. And stark geology and sacred American Indian sites reveal a deep history.

But the march of industrialization is at the doorstep. Rampant fossil fuel development, mining and uncontrolled ORV use are pushing farther and farther into these remote wildlands, threatening to rob them of their wildness.'' With the stroke of a pen, President Obama can enact long-overdue protections for this region by designating a 1.8-million-acre Greater Canyonlands National Monument -- but only if the public convinces him to do so.

Take action below -- urge Obama to fulfill Roosevelt's vision and forever protect these canyonlands.