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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eulogy of Bobby Kennedy - A Vision for the Future

Ted Kennedy delivering the closing part of the eulogy at the funeral of his brother Bobby, using excerpts from Bobby's famous speech to the students of a South African university in 1966.


Some level of idealism and vision is needed in order for our world to become a better place.
Don't lose sight of that truth.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nomi Prins - People Don’t Have Any Money

So, is anything in the financial sector actually fixed? Former top Wall Street banker Nomi Prins contends, “We have many trillions of dollars and government policy trying to basically cover up the holes in the entire financial system that could create another Lehman or multiple Lehmans. So, we have a white wash or a hole in the wall that’s been plastered over many, many, many times. The hole is still there. The danger is still there. The co-dependency is still there. The leverage is still there. . . .It all look like there has been this cosmetic shift supporting these banking institutions rather than supporting, from the bottom up, the economies of these countries. That has the effect of creating deterioration in any of the assets that these banks are still financing. . . . “Buying securities does not help people get jobs. It does not help industries to continue to innovate. It does absolutely nothing for spreading a foundation of solid economics throughout the population. All it does is make banks look better and cover these holes. Even with all that, holes continue to pop up and be visible, and that indicates a much larger problem. . . . People don’t have money. Even if the headline unemployment looks good, the reality is the jobs being created do not pay well. So, people don’t have any money.”


Prins also mentions that Greece was loan-sharked with the Troika loans so that they were stuck with  unrepayable debts. Greece should not be paying back such predatory loans that are being used to strip assets and hold the country to ransom. The new loans had nothing to do with helping Greece pay back its initial debt. A must see clip.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

FULLinterview on 911 and Israel Not Saudi Arabia

Full interview from the liberty beacon with myself [Ry Dawson]

Must hear interview. Put it on as radio noise.
The government and media of the USA has been well and truly hijacked.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Globalization of War (and How to Resist It) - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV

Michel Chossudovsky joins GRTV once again to discuss his new book, "The Globalization of War." We discuss the threat of nuclear warfare, NATO's use of proxy terrorist armies to destabilise sovereign nations, and how people can fight back against the US-NATO war agenda.

A must see and share video. We can stop the criminals if the truth (and justice) prevails over the relentless establishment propaganda.

Note: Paul Craig Roberts has pointed to the 6 main groups pushing the imperialistic agenda, which Professor Chossudovsky cites, and these are Wall Street, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, agribusiness, big pharma, and extractive industries (energy, mining, and timber).

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Native American Residential School Mass Grave Sites in Canada

A list of twenty eight mass graves of children who died in Indian Residential Schools across Canada, there are hundreds and thousands of children buried in these grave sites alone.

The Catholic, Anglican and United Church, and the government of Canada, operated the schools and hospitals where these mass graves are located. We therefore hold these institutions and their officers legally responsibl...
e and liable for the deaths of these children.

The murders included children killed in electric chairs. Some of the bodies were incinerated in the school furnaces, some were sacrificed in satanic ceremonies, while others were buried in mass graves.

Eyewitness Sylvester Greene described how he helped bury a young Inuit boy at the United Church's Edmonton residential school in 1953.
"We were told never to tell anyone by Jim Ludford, the Principal, who got me and three other boys to bury him. But a lot more kids got buried all the time in that big grave next to the school."

The location of mass graves of residential school children was revealed by the Independent Tribunal Established Squamish Nation Territory ("Vancouver, Canada") on April 10th 2008, At a public ceremony and press conference held outside the colonial "Indian Affairs" building in downtown Vancouver, the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) released a list of twenty eight mass graves across Canada holding the remains of untold numbers of aboriginal children who died in Indian Residential Schools.

The list was distributed to the world media and to United Nations agencies, as the first act of the newly-formed International Human Rights Tribunal into Genocide in Canada (IHRTGC), a non-governmental body established by indigenous elders.
In a statement read by FRD spokesperson Eagle Strong Voice, it was declared that the IHRTGC would commence its investigations on April 15, 2008, the fourth Annual Aboriginal Holocaust Memorial Day. This inquiry will involve international human rights observers from Guatemala and Cyprus, and will convene aboriginal courts of justice where those persons and institutions responsible for the death and suffering of residential school children will be tried and sentenced. (The complete Statement and List of Mass Graves is reproduced below).

As of April 15, 2008, we are establishing an independent, non governmental inquiry into the death and disappearance of Indian residential school children across Canada.

This inquiry shall be known as The International Human Rights Tribunal into Genocide in Canada (IHRTGC), and is established under the authority of the following hereditary chiefs, who shall serve as presiding judges of the Tribunal:

Hereditary Chief Kiapilano of the Squamish Nation

Chief Louis Daniels (Whispers Wind), Anishinabe Nation Chief Svnoyi Wohali (Night Eagle), Cherokee Nation

Lillian Shirt, Clan Mother, Cree Nation

Elder Ernie Sandy, Anishinabe (Ojibway) Nation

Hereditary Chief Steve Sampson, Chemainus Nation
Ambassador Chief Red Jacket of Turtle Island

28 Mass Graves at former Indian Residential Schools and Hospitals across Canada.

A. British Columbia

Port Alberni: Presbyterian- United Church school (1895-1973), now occupied by the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council (NTC) office, Kitskuksis Road. Grave site is a series of sinkhole rows in hills 100 metres due west of the NTC building, in thick foliage, past an unused water pipeline. Children also interred at Tseshaht reserve cemetery, and in wooded gully east of Catholic cemetery on River Road.
Alert Bay: St. Michael’s Anglican school (1878-1975), situated on Cormorant Island offshore from Port McNeill. Presently building is used by Namgis First Nation. Site is an overgrown field adjacent to the building, and also under the foundations of the present new building, constructed during the 1960’s. Skeletons seen "between the walls".
Kuper Island: Catholic school (1890-1975), offshore from Chemainus. Land occupied by Penelakut Band. Former building is destroyed except for a staircase. Two grave sites: one immediately south of the former building, in a field containing a conventional cemetery; another at the west shoreline in a lagoon near the main dock.
Nanaimo Indian Hospital: Indian Affairs and United Church experimental facility (1942-1970) on Department of National Defense land. Buildings now destroyed. Grave sites are immediately east of former buildings on Fifth avenue, adjacent to and south of Malaspina College.
Mission: St. Mary’s Catholic school (1861-1984), adjacent to and north of Lougheed Highway and Fraser River Heritage Park. Original school buildings are destroyed, but many foundations are visible on the grounds of the Park.
In this area there are two grave sites: a) immediately adjacent to former girls’ dormitory and present cemetery for priests, and a larger mass grave in an artificial earthen mound, north of the cemetery among overgrown foliage and blackberry bushes, and b) east of the old school grounds, on the hilly slopes next to the field leading to the newer school building which is presently used by the Sto:lo First Nation. Hill site is 150 metres west of building.

North Vancouver: Squamish (1898-1959) and Sechelt (1912-1975) Catholic schools, buildings destroyed. Graves of children who died in these schools interred in the Squamish Band Cemetery, North Vancouver.
Sardis: Coqualeetza Methodist-United Church school (1889-1940), then experimental hospital run by federal government (1940-1969). Native burial site next to Sto:lo reserve and Little Mountain school, also possibly adjacent to former school-hospital building.
Cranbrook: St. Eugene Catholic school (1898-1970), recently converted into a tourist "resort" with federal funding, resulting in the covering-over of a mass burial site by a golf course in front of the building. Numerous grave sites are around and under this golf course.
Williams Lake: Catholic school (1890-1981), buildings destroyed but foundations intact, five miles south of city. Grave sites reported north of school grounds and under foundations of tunnel-like structure.
Meares Island (Tofino): Kakawis-Christie Catholic school (1898-1974). Buildings incorporated into Kakawis Healing Centre. Body storage room reported in basement, adjacent to burial grounds south of school.
Kamloops: Catholic school (1890-1978). Buildings intact. Mass grave south of school, adjacent to and amidst orchard. Numerous burials witnessed there.
Lytton: St. George’s Anglican school (1901-1979). Graves of students flogged to death, and others, reported under floorboards and next to playground.
Fraser Lake: Lejac Catholic school (1910-1976), buildings destroyed. Graves reported under old foundations and between the walls.

Edmonton: United Church school (1919-1960), presently site of the Poundmaker Lodge in St. Albert. Graves of children reported south of former school site, under thick hedge that runs north-south, adjacent to memorial marker.
Edmonton: Charles Camsell Hospital (1945-1967), building intact, experimental hospital run by Indian Affairs and United Church. Mass graves of children from hospital reported south of building, near staff garden.
Saddle Lake: Bluequills Catholic school (1898-1970), building intact, skeletons and skulls observed in basement furnace. Mass grave reported adjacent to school.
Hobbema: Ermineskin Catholic school (1916-1973), five intact skeletons observed in school furnace. Graves under former building foundations.

Brandon: Methodist-United Church school (1895-1972). Building intact. Burials reported west of school building.
Portage La Prairie: Presbyterian- United Church school (1895-1950). Children buried at nearby Hillside Cemetery.
Norway House: Methodist-United Church school (1900-1974). "Very old" grave site next to former school building, demolished by United Church in 2004.

Thunder Bay: Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital, still in operation. Experimental centre. Women and children reported buried adjacent to hospital grounds.
Sioux Lookout: Pelican Lake Catholic school (1911-1973). Burials of children in mound near to school.
Kenora: Cecilia Jeffrey school, Presbyterian- United Church (1900-1966). Large burial mound east of former school.
Fort Albany: St. Anne’s Catholic school (1936-1964). Children killed in electric chair buried next to school.
Spanish: Catholic school (1883-1965). Numerous graves.
Brantford: Mohawk Institute, Anglican church (1850-1969), building intact. Series of graves in orchard behind school building, under rows of trees.
Sault Ste. Marie: Shingwauk Anglican school (1873-1969), some intact buildings. Several graves of children reported on grounds of old school.

Montreal: Allan Memorial Institute, McGill University, still in operation since opening in 1940. MKULTRA experimental centre. Mass grave of children killed there north of building, on southern slopes of Mount Royal behind stone wall.

There are many places that are not listed and yet to be discovered, another place that is not on the list is Timber bay, in Saskatchewan, it was ruled that is was not considered as a residential school but in fact it was.The first big yellow building you see when you drive in, it is called Deer lodge, under that building is a grave, there was also a furnace below the building. The building was burned down and that is when the bones were located. This was never released to the public. Much of this evidence is hidden.

Eagle Strong Voice and IHRTGC elders along with dozens of chiefs presented the Mass Graves List to the United Nations on April 19 2008, and we had ask United Nations agencies to protect and monitor the mass graves as part of a genuine inquiry and judicial prosecution of those responsible for this Canadian Genocide.

Native American children in the United States and Canada were forcibly taken from their families and relocated to residential schools. The stated goal of this government program was to "kill the Indian to save the man." Half of the children did not survive the experience, and those who did later died, they were either murdered, raped, sacrificed or burned alive, those who ran away and survived were left permanently scarred. The resulting alcoholism, suicide, and the transmission of trauma to their own children has led to a social disintegration with results that can only be described as genocidal.
#indigenous #aboriginal #native
A Reflection on this story from Faith R Michaels:

No 'I am sorry'' heals this. In order to heal these children's sacrifice in the 'kill the Indian save the man campaign' requires honoring.. and to all those responsible for this horror still living?? Your day of reckoning has come. These children were slaughtered .. and at the original post are survivors posting. They were Christian in name only, in church run schools..

I honor them here by telling of their forgotten lives..

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Orb Solutions For The Shrinking Shale

Written By FaithRMichaels

ORB Integrated organic waste to energy biofuels system. What makes more energy than fracking with no ecological damage and produces energy as long as there is organic life? What runs on waste and cleans things up instead of making them worse? What removes CO2 and CH4 from the atmosphere? What makes fertilizer, animal fodder, biodiesel fuel and irrigation water in the process of making electricity? High tech biogas composting with cogeneration, aquaponics and algae.

Incredible Shrinking Shale "America's 100 Year Supply of Shale Gas" now officially down to 22 years. If it is not already in a pipeline to go to China, in which case it's more like 15. Somebody better tell the TV Gas Blonde to ixnay on the 100 years line.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why the Placebo Effect Scares Big Pharma

Abby Martin interviews Dr. Wayne B. Jonas, Director and CEO of the Samueli Institute, about new research being done on the Placebo effect and scientific studies that have been done on the power of the mind when it comes to self-healing.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Abby Martin Exposes Obama’s SOTU Double Speak

Abby Martin discusses the hypocritical and misleading foreign policy claims made during the State of the Union.

State of the Union hypocrisy.

If the fact that President Obama could immediately close Guantanamo because it is a military facility, and YET keeps pretending that he is 'constrained', doesn't ring alarm bells, then good luck to you. Incompetence and partisan (left/right) politics clearly does not explain everything that has been happening. The corruption aspect of what is occurring today is too often overlooked.

Here's a few other points that do not easily fall under the incompetence label: failure to prosecute Bush Administration officials for torture and illegal war, failure to prosecute bankers for fraud, the hiring of lobbysts into key positions of the Government, the hiring of neconservatives into key State Department (Vic Nuland) and UN positions (Susan Rice, Samantha Power), the war on whistleblowers, the escalation of executive orders that bypass Congressional oversight, the escalation of Government secrecy, the specific inclusion of detention without trial provisions in the NDAA Laws, the escalation of the drone war, the lies about Syrian chemcial weapons incidents, the lies about what is happening in Ukraine etc.

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