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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Paul Gottfried Talks about How a Lot of Jews Look at the Holocaust

Paul Gottfried Talks about How a Lot of Jews... by debunkerbuster 

"Why so many Jews are pushing for white genocide 

And whites bringing up the Holocaust and often reminding others of it, which often happens without any reason because the media and the education system talks about it incredibly often, despite the fact that there were bigger genocides even in the same century the Shoah happened, basically contribute to decline and destruction of their own race without really realizing it. 

Paul Gottfried talks about how a lot of Jews look at the Holocaust and white people and the effects those views have on white people, black people and others, and the Western world as a whole. 

video by Property and Freedom Society"

'Hard Facts of The Holocaust' - The Central Argument put up by the 'Holocaust Deniers' in a Nutshell:

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