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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The "Other Side"

Ever since people started questioning the facts about 9/11 they have encountered huge resistance from others.
It is almost like people do not want to know the truth.
It is like they are angry at us for not just swallowing down the official story and going along.
They seem to be very upset that we dared to say "wait a minute" the story you are telling me does not match the evidence on the scene, or their own recorded facts of the incident.

The Official explanation does not add up when one starts looking at scientific and historical facts.
The Official government 9/11 committee's "facts" do not match experts in the field ; experts like architects, engineers, firefighters, and people who do demolition for a living.
The 9/11 debunkers have been insulted with repeated ad hominem attacks, told to go and take our medications, verbally threatened ,called conspiracy nuts, kooks, ect. and cussed at.

We have been told that the "burden of proof" is on our side.
Yet no matter how many testimonies we provide, no matter how much evidence we collect,
no matter how many documentaries are made showing that people in power KNEW months before or how many "smoking guns" are collected ,compiled and presented , 9/11 Truthers are stilled told " it is not enough evidence".

OK -Then how much evidence do we need and what kind of evidence would matter?

There is more than enough evidence to raise reasonable doubt here already.
People have been arrested and thrown in jail on way less facts than these .

Guantanamo Bay was full of people who were arrested , kept in prison and tortured on way less evidence than what has been collected from 9/11 families and Truthers.

Murder cases have been thrown out of court and known rapist have walked free, on way less reasonable doubt evidence than what 9/11 Truthers have put together.

People have been convicted and sentenced to death and executed on way less evidence than the 9/11 Truthers have collected.

So again I ask: how much evidence will be enough to open a new 9/11 investigation?

The people who verbally attack us ,harass us ,stalk us through out the Internet, will not tell us the answer to that question.
It seems that all they have as an answer is to name call and try to cast doubt as to our sanity.
What they are trying to do is cast doubt as to our credibility.
Indeed that seems to be ALL they have to work with.

The people who question our sanity, our patriotism,ect. are the ones foaming at the mouth, spitting in your face, getting in your face, pointing fingers , using foul language, name calling, character assassinating and trying to push a person beyond any normal human tolerance level with actions and language that would test and sorely try the patience of a Saint.
These people behave like cyber bullies.
They come to our blog site ,YouTube channel, read?, and leave childish and foul profane insults .
They behave in a complete out of control manner and appear to be people with deep anger issues.
They speak as if they have no morals, no ethics, no home training, no compassion, and seem unable to have an intelligent fact filled debate, or leave a sane comment.
All I have ever said is that there is enough evidence that counters the Official story to open a new 9/11 investigation.
One would have thought that I had asked for something sociably reprehensible and unforgivable.
These cyber bullies crawled out from under whatever cyber rock they were hiding and commenced to demonize, harass, and Internet stalk anyone who dared to question our government's Official party line.
They have been soooo dedicated to this demonizing I have begun to wonder about THEIR sanity.
I have begun to wonder ; who are these people and if they are a tool of the government propaganda machine?
They can't be "normal people" "Normal people" do not behave this way do they?
I began to wonder; is this what happens to everybody who dares to question?
Then I looked back in history and wondered about how many times people had been rejected and tormented by the "public perception of the world of the times" and official government ideology of the times. Many of these people are well known.The name list includes; Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Alexander Graham Bell Jesus ,Gandhi, Martin Luther King,ect.
I wondered ; were our Founding Fathers called kooks, insane, ect. by the people of their times?
History has proved the people I have named correct, and I believe that history will also prove the 9/11 Truthers to be correct as well.
I believe that it will show the 9/11 Truthers to be true patriots, who helped to keep the Founding Fathers dream of this Republic and the Peoples dream of Freedom and Liberty alive and well for our children's , children to enjoy.
History will show the governmental propaganda , party-line, fanatics to be just that , fanatics and spin - doctor propaganda people, that attempted to hide and distort the truth .
If you care about this country, if you just want to shut us Truthers up, then give us a new investigation into 9/11 and the Bush administration by a panel of Independent ,non government appointed experts.
I believe the only reason the government would not open a new investigation , is that they cannot prove the Truthers wrong, and there is a real strong possibility that the Truthers have a lot of things correct regarding the happinings on 9/11 .
If you are new to this 9/11 investigation thing , please research both sides of this matter for yourself. If it is more research then you want to do/or is overwhelming and TMI, I would like to ask you to consider this:
If the governments official explanation of 9/11 is the"truth" then the Bush administration at best is guilty of gross negligence; at worst it is guilty of treason and war-crimes.
If it was not Bush and his administration ; then we have a rogue element within our government that needs to be exposed and rendered incapable of enabling and enacting these human atrocities ever again.
Either way it is my firm belief that we need a new 9/11 investigation to find out .

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