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Friday, April 03, 2009

Afghanistan Riches and The Empires That Want Them

Emeralds of the finest quality,Rare Rubies, Brilliant sapphires, An abundance of semi-precious gems,coal , iron ,copper,gold, natural gas, and a large oil reserve.

Afghanistan -( A Capitalist/Commercialist dream) and a huge resource for energy companies.

The reason we are in Afghanistan is not the ever elusive(because he no longer lives on the planet) Osama-Bin-Laden but for the riches in natural resources that exist there.

Even President Obama is still using that catch phrase propaganda of Bin-Ladens name as to the reason we are there and sending more troops. I am fairly certain that He is Not Interested in 9/11 truth or Osama or he would not be using such language.

What I am certain about is the reasons America is going to stay in Afghanistan. These reasons have to do with China and Russia being in a competition for dominance over the continents resources. The reason the Taliban is a threat to us is that they KNOW what is in their countries and want in on the action.

The Taliban ruling there or anywhere else would severely hamper NATO and clog up /destroy the trade routes and free trade in that region. It is the very reason the warlords in Afghanistan are fighting for control. They want to be rich too and have dreams of being Kings.

The idea is to dominate and control the resources there not only in Afghanistan but on the whole Asian Continent. Everyone wants to rule the world in Afghanistan- From war lords to governments.

America is one of the main tools which China will use to accomplish this goal.(America thinks China is their tool)

Russia has gone home sorta but never out of the picture and not to be dismissed in this ongoing game of Risk.(a board game where the objective is to take over the world)

Guess who owes China big time?America does. In another blog post I asked what was the collateral or terms of the loan from China for America's financial bail-out?

Well it appears that one of the terms included Afghanistan.

This is a way to help China reach it's goal for controlling that Continent's oil and natural gas resources. One does not need inside info to see this, it is in plain site if one reads the world news from unbiased non- government controlled sources.

America also knows that in order for the USA to maintain power through out the globe there are certain things that must happen. One of these things is controlling through negotiation treaty or outright takeover the oil and natural resources of that region in the world. America needed a reason to sell the public to go to that corner of the world again and 9/11 and a war against Terrorism was it. This war on terrorism gives our government free reign to go any where in the world to fight it .(pretty brilliant when you think about it)

This was realised a long time ago ,many presidents back. Why do you think that America has been courting China for so long and turns a blind eye to their human violation problems like Tibet. Now they do have token talks regarding the issue to keep the public outcry down to a dull background noise. In plain words -Keep the Sheeple fed and get them jobs -trickle down the wealth and everyone's happy right? Sheeple go to work and their families get fed and clothed, homes and cars are paid for and all is right with the world right? (The main reason they will not bail us We The People Out) It is Capitalism/Commercialism at it's finest hour. This is what the CIA and other alphabet soup people from different countries around the world are doing when they say this" protecting America or what ever country's interest globally".This is what it is really about. This is the dream of the "New World Order" phrase that our Presidents keep spouting. It is not about human beings safety or human rights (although I am sure that is on the list of reasons somewhere ,most likely close to the bottom ) It is about Profit and simply put,Everyone wants to rule the world and these are the real reasons we are always in that part of the world. Vietnam, Korea,Kuwait,Iraq,Afghanistan, and so forth and so on. It is why that part of the world is always on American news. It's why they are worried about Iran and North Korea having Nukes.(that would change the power balence thereby interfering by adding another country into the equation )Nukes apparently is the magic word that gets a country noticed and into the powergame for control of world resources . Ruling the world and controlling the trade routes is the reason we have spent/given Trillions of dollars over time to countries on that continent .

The Spindoctors favorite catch phrase is "they are a threat to our National Security".

Translation they are a threat to our Money and are a threat to us ruling the Market of the world.

This natural resource rule the world power Game is the curse of the world for it is all about money first ,then humanity as a whole second (if cared about at all )beyond enriching those who do control the world/ (got there first) pockets/bank accounts.

They would not care about us at all except we are consumers who love to buy goods which gives them a market and makes them more powerful enabling them to get/rule more.. Our president keeps saying "we have to get the money flowing again" so he is bailing out Banks and CEO's and Bush before him right after 9/11? GO shopping spend money!!!

Those words say it all!

Apparently humanity is not grown up enough to know how to just share.

It seems that the rulers of countries are still Brat children in a global power struggle we used to call KING of the HILL. The Brat children are out of control and are playing with dangerous toys. Would somebody PLEASE call the MOM!

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