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Sunday, March 29, 2009

It has Begun Welcome to Fascist Corporation of America

I was going to post a piece on Afghanistan that I am working on however this has come to my attention and I must respond.

First I will say that I love this country but our government has become something Un-American.

Arrests have been happening increasingly more often for attempting to ask questions of public officials.
Several infowars reporters have been arrested all around the world.
This has happened here and there over the last two years.
It seems that they have targeted protesters to make an example of.
One reporter was attacked and did not fight back. His attacker was freed and he was kept and charged with 3rd degree assault.
The other was chased and arrested for being a reporter trying to ask questions of Mayer Bloomberg.
They claimed he was impersonating a reporter, but he IS a reporter for Infowars.
There was the person that was tasered and such incidents are increasing .
There were the arrests of the peaceful protesters at the Democratic and Republican conventions.
A reporter for abc news was arrested for taking pictures of a Senator with donors.
They are using fear/mafia type tactics to shut us up and discourage any and all reporters and peoples from speaking out or acquiring proof of what they dishonestly do.
They are attempting to bully truthseekers , any non government sanctioned reporter and peaceful protesters into silence.
This did not work in the 60's and it will not work now.

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