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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Goverment Hype and Media Hysteria

Ok now for a large dose of proper perspective here and putting this SwineFlu scare hysteria the government and media is shoving down our throats into the land of reason and common sense.
Every year people die from the flu and have been doing so for thousands of years.
From the CDC website:
"Over 36,000 peope die annually from the everyday go around every season flu."
My brother died from a flu complication 3 years ago. So now all of a sudden 87 deaths from the Swine Flu are important and in the news????? PULEEEEASSSSE!!!!!!!!
Now when 36,000 people die in the US of A. EVERY year.......
(that does not include flu deaths world wide data)
(and we do not have media coverage like we have with this Swine Flu epidemic?)
(nor does the department of Homeland Security get involved)
(nor does the President of the U.S.A. make public speeches regarding)
I have to wonder HMMMMM-What's up with This?????!
For a strong dose of sanity in government I defer to Ron Paul here and I might add I totally agree with his viewpoint in this message.


  1. Faith, thank you so much for posting this EXTREMELY important information.

    Once again, when trying to cut through the government hype, I have found sanity through the words of Dr. Ron Paul.

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Natural Remedies For Swine Flu; Human Flu, Avian Flu Virus

  3. Ron Paul 2012!

    "Appearing in the latter half of the show, Alex Jones and Stephen Quayle both agreed the new swine virus was not natural. It's a "genetically altered bioweapon," possibly being "beta-tested in the field" to target specific races, Quayle contended. Jones cited experts in the field, pointing toward the virus being designed, and he noted how unusual it is for a flu virus to start out of season, and not come from the East."


    "Jones posited the idea that flu fears could be deliberate hype by the government in order to distract the public from other issues."

    Worth a listen