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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Glen Beck's Grandstanding Paranoiac Lies

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Glen Beck has been doing government propagandic grand standing sensationalistic lying for show ratings forever it seems and now he has made the outrageous claim that 911 Truthers are somehow responsible for the slaying at the holocaust Museum.
Glen Beck as publicly stated that we 9/11 Truthers are like Timothy McVeigh of the Oklahoma Bombings. Mr.Beck what delusional world did you wake up in to see a connection between 9/11 Truthers and the man responsible for killing children???
Glen Beck is all but foaming at the mouth with rabid delusions, if he believes what he has said regarding 9/11 Truthers and is using extreme paranoia as a propaganda tool.
By not saying or promoting anything different Fox news has clearly granted a license to Glen Beck to slander 9/11 Truthers.
Glen Beck is stirring hatred and is clearly a last ditch effort by the Corporate USA Spin Doctors and government news media to dis- credit the 9 11 Truthers in a pitiful,pathetic, attempt to link the least violent among us with murder and mayhem.
Glen Becks mouth as a continued mouthpiece for such hatred,spoken with such venom is a blatant attempt to promote violence against 9/11 Truthers in my opinion.
Glen Beck has continued to outrageously lie (does he ever tell the Truth???) regarding 9/11 and this time he has gone over the edge.
There is someone suing Glen Beck and Fox News for slander and I truly feel we should add our names to that list ,also Call Fox News and express our extreme displeasure at this egregious lie regarding 911 Truthers placed forth on their news network by Glen Beck.
It is those that watch his show and agree with his twisted point of view that I am concerned about NOT 9/11 Truthers!
Please add your name to this list on and let the world know that we Truthers stand united against violence.

Go here to support Hoover's lawsuit

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1 comment:

  1. I think it is funny Faith, truly laughable that, they are in this much desperation as to call us truthers murderers.
    It just goes to show the real mentality we are dealing with and what garbage they incite. But, people will only take things to a certain point and think that certain point is coming to a boil. People ar waking up to the fact we have a lot more going on that what our bought and sold media is enforcing them. They are not totally brainwashed yet and so these silly attempts at silly attacks are getting close to their demise.