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Thursday, June 11, 2009

They Told Us Lies

I am sitting here listening to the history channel while they describe the history of the drugs wars and how the government has made films and put out advertisements regarding the "EVILS" of Marijuana.I got to thinking about how long this propaganda has been going on. I have been saying for awhile that people are now waking up to the propaganda of the government,seeing it for what it is and realising that we have been sold a bill of goods by our government.
This bill of goods was based upon what people believed to be moral or good in their Gods eyes as taught to them by people from the pulpit and those who were "better educated" than themselves (those we elected) or so they thought.
I mean we elected them did we not?
The People of the U.S.A sat doing nothing and believed that the people they had elected were good ,moral Christians with good moral values who would lead us well.
They sounded good to the moral majority
Many TV sitcoms spun off of this propaganda era to feed the cultures illusionary American Dream.
Those who ran for election and won were believed to be upstanding members of the community,and good Christian souls or so the PR people led us to believe.

So what is the harm in having "Christian" people in government?
Nothing If they were truly following Jesus teachings.
But to hold the Bible in one hand and spout Jesus 's name then slaughter ,lie and preach in his name while they practice world empiricism and greed is an abomination.
So in America's 'War on Drugs" and in ALL policy decisions,the elected people have proved themselves to be like the Liars and thieves Jesus threw out of the temple.
What is clear is that those elected are NOT Christians.
What is clear is they are the darkness parading as the light.

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