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Monday, July 13, 2009

Al Gore This Ain't Green!/The Two Faces of Al Gore

From Brasschecktv
Who's gonna pay this "carbon tax?"

Al Gore gets his knickers in a knot about global warming and carbon emissions, two propositions that are dubious at best.

He splices video of polar bears swimming in the Arctic as proof the world is melting down "due to carbon."

Well, polar bear populations are up in some places and carbon dioxide happens to be food for plants.

But one thing that is indisputable is the calculated maliciousness of oil companies in Third World countries and the fact that crude oil and its fuel by-products are highly toxic.

No mystery here, except these particular "inconvenient truths" don't merit mention in the US news media or in Gore's documentary for that matter.

Could the fact that the Gore family owns a piece of Occidental Petroleum,(Texaco) a company that wants to drill elsewhere in Latin America have anything to do with that?

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