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Sunday, July 19, 2009

More About That Exploding Paint

"They say that they are not interested in hearing debunking of Steven Jones' latest paper (Active Thermitic Material...). Nope, if we are going to debunk that laughable attempt to claim that bits of red paint and rust amount to Thermite we have to do it with a peer-reviewed paper." - Pat Curley, ScrewLooseChange blog


Scroll down past the video for factual back-up, sources, and further research materials...

Nano-thermite took down the WTC?

9/11: WTC Building 7 "Collapse" video compilation

9/11 - Debunking the Debunkers - Exploding Primer Paint?

9/11 Nanothermite - Red Chip Ignition

"What in the World is High-Tech Explosive Material Doing in the Dust from 9/11?" Pt.9 of 12

"What in the World is High-Tech Explosive Material Doing in the Dust from 9/11?" Pt.11 of 12

RECENT:Thermitic Pyrotechnics in the WTC Made Simple: Three Points of Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe that Anyone Can Understand - A concise non-technical summary of three key points about recently-docmented unexploded pyrotechnics from the Twin Towers

RECENT:Explosives Found in World Trade Center Dust: Scientists Discover Both Residues And Unignited Fragments Of High-Tech Metal Incendiaries In Debris From the Twin Towers - A non-technical guide to the newly published paper explaining the identification of nano-engineered explosive materials in dust from the Twin Towers

RECENT:Wake Up and Smell the Aluminothermic Nanocomposite Explosives: As Documentation of Thermitic Materials in the WTC Twin Towers Grows, Official Story Backers Ignore, Deny, Evade, and Dissemble - A detailed record of the development of bodies of evidence showing the use of aluminothermic pyrotechnics

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