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Saturday, July 18, 2009

SwineFlu H1N1 The Global Pandemic /The Vaccine

This blog has compiled a large collection of data regarding H1N1 aka "The Swine Flu" and it's vaccines.
Deaths from the new swine flu H1N1 Virus have been few,so saith the WHO and all media . As of May 2009 97 people had died world wide. The number has risen since then but not out of the proportions of less than 1 percent death rate. The reason it was declared a global Pandemic is because the World Health Organization,CDC, and others who are supposed to know have said that Humans have no immunity from this new type of flu.But wait- I have been reading reports over the last 2 weeks that older humans who were born before 1957 may have some immunity to this new strain of H1N1 flu. I went to the WHO site and there is no information on this New Swine flu that I could find that records ANY of the data being spouted by others as something the WHO has said and since they are the ones who laid claim that this was a pandemic I was very surprised since I have been getting conflicting Data over number of deaths related to this supposedly "deadly threat" which has a half percent mortality rate and is considered a mild risk flu.
SOOOOO here we are with a globally declared pandemic for a New Virus that has a small death risk that they are going to try to mandate a new vaccination for.
To be fair if our government did nothing or said nothing and this turned out to be a really bad flu, we all would be seriously screaming and mad as hell that they knew and said little to warn us or did little or nothing to protect us.

What a dilemma for us to have to deal with as many of us will have to weigh the risk of the vaccine against the disease risk.
There are many experts that say The flu shot does not reduce the risk of death.
Then of course there is the ongoing idea of government mandated vaccines,FEMA camps, and the fears that have been out there regarding that.
At some point this has to be overwhelming to most and those that are overwhelmed by the data are going to go with what is and feels most familiar and safe to them, which has always been what the "experts" the government sanctioned media advertise as safe.
It is sad that few will take the time to do the actual research to get the actual data from all research world wide regarding the ineffectiveness of flu shots in general.Nor will most research the data from many experts that talk about the dangers of adjunct components in vaccines that are harmless when they are ingested but do something quite different when they are injected.
I am saddened by the fact that many people will just be the sheeple they want to be or like Ostriches and stick their collective heads in the sand and go along with the program because they do not want to do the work required to do the research on their own or get on the internet and look at whats here.
They are to busy with their "life" to do the work required that may save their or their loved ones lives.
I have compiled all known data that I could find in this blog in an attempt to make it simple for people to make an informed decision regarding the swine flu or any other flu and flu vaccines.
In a new blog post (which will be coming up next) I will be researching natural and homeopathic treatments for flu and other respiratory viral ailments.
The ones in the world who would love to do the research but cannot because they have no access to computers are the ones my heart has the deepest compassion for.
The Ostriches and the sheeples are too interested in what the Hollywood stars are doing.
How pathetically,tragically sad.

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  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    hi thanks fath yes its very worrying here in uk the deats have doubld in one week n its going toget very badhere i uk thats for sure letssay is going to get a lot worse before hopefuly gets better

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    And, dont forget they claim immunity on the makers of this drug. So, if you come down with any of the major side effects like paralysis you can not sue them!

  3. Great post, Faith! I have been accumulating info on this subject as well -- but, nowhere near as comprehensive as this. Please keep it up, and inform us periodically of updates, dear friend.