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Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Senior Republicans are the Extremist!

Van Jones resigned from being President Obama's Green Jobs advisor.
He resigned amidst controversy regarding his signing of a 9/11 petition.
This petition stated that Bush and Cheny were somehow responsible for 9/11,either by omission or direct involvement.The senior republicans were calling him unfit for his job. They were stating that his views on green jobs and the signing of that petition were "extremist" views.
Personally I am tired of being called an extremist by people who have clearly gone insane. People who sign legislation that makes no sense to any one but them, who send our country and our children to war for greed and profits, who continually support a ex-president and his vice president, when they are guilty as sin of war crimes, who allow our children to die from horrible diseases from lack of health-care,who do not give a damn about the homeless, who allowed this economic disaster to take place, and who caused people to lose their jobs in America. These self same people who have created a world crisis (remember Bush and the republicans were in charge when this whole mess started and had been in charge for 8 years), where America is more unsafe in the world than it has ever been. These people who vote to destroy our Constitution,who are guilty of negligence regarding 9/11 at the very least,complicity and masterminding 9/11 at the worst, who are guilty of allowing torture in We the Peoples name, and they are calling me and the hundreds of thousands of people like me an extremist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am tired of being called an extremist for wanting clean air to breath, for not wanting to look at mountains that have had their tops removed while the sludge contaminates mountain streams,destroying the ecosystem, contaminating poor peoples water and homes, for wanting fertile soil to grow things on,uncontaminated by poisons or radiation,healthy land for my children and grand children to grow up on and walk on, for not wanting toxic waste dumps in our communities, for not wanting the species on this planet to go extinct, and those &^%$#!!!!...Those people who call themselves Republicans that sit in office, who walk around with puffed up bloated minds , who CHOOSE to put their head in the sand,heads that are filled only with dreams of grandeur,have the audacity to call Van Jones and people who believe in the Constitution, who believe in truth and justice, who have strong family values,believe in God, and good health for Mother Earth and us all; an extremist!!!!!!!
They are clearly insane and have severe sociopath issues with paranoid delusions, near as I can tell.
These people are not true Republicans and do not represent the people they lie to,to get elected. These self same senior Republicans who are calling themselves "people who are for less government","family values","lower taxes", and "less spending", are the very same ones who placed this country in the bankruptcy mess it is now in!
They supported and allowed the FED to do this and did not support an audit for the FED.Senior Republicans and politicians who do not give a shit about you or me.
Senior republicans whose only loyalty is to the party. These self same Republicans who were in total control of the government when terms like.....
New world order,homeland,and drug Czars,came into being.
These terms have sounds of communistic fascism to me.
Senior Republicans and most of you politicians:

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