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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Health Care debate

The insurance companies have submitted price increases on their premiums should this health care bill pass.
Is this some kind of extortion?
Some of the concerns seem to be that those who would normally get insurance from them will just opt out and get it through the government plan. By all counts the people who can afford to purchase Health Insurance on their own already have.
Paranoia regarding this bill is running rampant.

Our elected people on "The Hill" have been pointing fingers, while spouting political party rheteric. Unemployment has hit a high unequeled since the depression rates. No job equels no health insurance. People are struggling to pay their house note,put food on the table, cloth their kids,and pay for their automobiles.
Is it possible that unemployment,low job wages,rising prices in food and other life necessities might be the main reason many people are supportive of some kind of health care program? Let us not forget about the people who are uninsurable and not on disability.
What are they supposed to do?

It has been stated by Insurance ads against the proposed Health care Bill that government does not need to be involved in health care decisions. How is it OK for the insurance companies to be involved then? Everyday insurance companies tell doctors what they can and can not do for a patient based on what they will and will not pay for. These Insurance companies have the nerve to use the fear of government control over the individual health care as a fear mongering tool to let them keep the control instead.
Niether the Insurance companies nor the government,should have say so over what treatment is required for a patient. It is up to the doctors and patient to say what treatment the doctors will or will not preform.
Hmmmm patients responsible for their own health care ,novel concept that!

Now to address those that are concerned about government socialism tactics.
Their is a huge fear out there and it is growing. Getting health care for all seems to be the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.
Funny these people do not find it socialism when we take care of our seniors through social security, medicare, our children and mothers through welfare,food stamps,WIC programs,medicaid,children's medical programs,our Veterans medical care, disability payments, SSI,or other federally funded care programs. Are these programs Constitutional? If it's not then under that argument neither is anything else the government is doing including IRS. So either revoke it all, Health care for vets ,IRS, WIC,Medicaid, food stamps etc,( all helpful and good programs except IRS ) or hush up about it being unconstitutional. This writer is a huge supporter of the Constitution and the rights it conveys but the issue of health care for every citizen is not the place to start speaking about the Constitution.

Hospitals cannot refuse care to anyone who comes to the emergency room.
Many uninsured fill up the hospital ER's because they have no other way to get care. This increases the load and wait time in our ER's. Have they not heard the horror stories about people dying in waiting rooms? This happens because the Emergency rooms are overflowing. Much of this overflow is due to uninsured patients. Many or most of these uninsured are unable to ever pay for their treatment. The hospitals take the loss.

Why can't each individual state put together an insurance program for those that are uninsured. Perhaps the only thing the federal government should be doing is mandating that all states have all the citizens in their states covered by some form of health care. Perhaps the hospitals and doctors could do a sliding fee scale for those that cannot afford insurance based on yearly income. Perhaps the state health departments can step up and do a more comprehensive job by participating in some form of health care for those who cannot afford insurance. Unemployed people would then have an option. Perhaps doctors could take payments monthly from their patients before they get sick. An example of this would be; People pick out a doctor they want and pay doctor so much a month that would cover the doctors standard fee whether they are sick or not ,then when one is sick they just go to the doctor as the docs fees would have already been covered. At the end of the year the money can either be refunded or roll over to the next year.

What is required in this writers opinion is thinking outside the box, creativity and problem solving abilities ,not more Federal government laws and certainly not this political bruhaha currently going on.

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