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Monday, November 09, 2009


I received a comment on one of the swineflu articles on my blog from someone calling herself Dr.Eva recommending Tamiflu for the H1N1 swine flu. I researched Tamiflu and found that according to the CDC the anti-virus medicine Oseltamivir AKA Tamiflu is one of three antivirals that are used to fight the swineflu.
There is also some reports of swineflu being resistant to Tamiflu.
However I did not publish her comment because of the following reasons;
Some serious side effect concerns
Tamiflu has often been on short supply.Children's Tamiflu in short supply
She? was advertising Tamiflu as the ONLY way to protect against the swineflu even going so far as to give the drug manufacturers name ,when according to the CDC it is not the only antiviral medication.. Also there was the statement she? made regarding swineflu saying this, "you or one of your family members could have this fatal disease, protect yourself now".(Fearmongering) Swineflu/H1N1 is not always fatal. (Last stats I checked were about 1% mortality rate.) We have all had the swine flu here and no one died or even came close. So obviously it is not always fatal.
Also none of us here were treated with any anti-viral medications. The death rate worldwide from the swineflu/H1N1 so far has not reached the yearly numbers of the normal death tolls from the other types of flu every year.

I am a herbalist and what I used to treat the H1N1 swineflu worked for all of us.

Now I am not saying that swine flu does not have the ability to be fatal.
It is clear that any flu can be fatal. The thing I noticed about having the swineflu is how quickly it sets up in the lungs as severe bronchitis which then very quickly develops into pneumonia. Swine flu seems to do this quicker than any other flu I have ever had or encountered.
Within 48 hours after a sore throat it had progressed into borderline pneumonia and within 72hrs those that had weakened immune systems due to stress or other factors had full blown pneumonia. So is swineflu dangerous?Yes it is.
Is it a reason to mandate vaccines?No it is not. Is it a reason to become better informed about your choices regarding any flu treatment? Yes.
Early treatment of any flu is important to how well one recovers and how fast.
Around here treatment begins at the first sign of a scatchy sore throat.
We used a Elderberry,hyssop,mullien and Elderflower tincture that I made to treat the flu. We also added licorice root echinicia goldenseal,ginger, and peppermint,in the form of herbal tea along with it. Worked for us well. I have also used Collidial silver and flu nosode homeopathic remedy with good results within my family for other types of flu.
Many other people report similarly good results. No matter how you wish to treat the flu, please treat it in an effective manner and do not wait to do so. My brother died from pneumonia from the flu 3 years ago because he waited till to late to treat it and did not take my advise either herbalwise or about going to the doctor.
One positive thing I can say about the swine flu publicity is that it has made many people aware of how dangerous any flu can be if left untreated.

Note from the Blog writer: Do not come to my blog and leave comments that are blantent advertising and factually untrue unless you wish to be publicly debunked!

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