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Saturday, November 07, 2009

President Obama calls to congratulate Afghan President on his "fraudulent"? election

President Obama called to congratulate Afghan President Karzai on his fraudulent, re-election??. Was Obama being sincere? If not then he has just publicly proven he will lie in a heartbeat. If he was sincere then he was congratulating someone who won an election that raises eyebrows,and is surrounded by calls of fraud!
(It is possible that Karzai would have won anyway but that we will never know now will we?)

What should have been said by Obama is something like this:
America wants the Afghanistan People to know that we support them in their ongoing quest to bring peace and stability to their country. Obama should have said that he would work closely with Karzai to help get this accomplished and he should have called Karzai and said I look forward to working with you to accomplish these goals but you have to establish the legitimacy of your election so that the people and leaders of the world respect your right to be in that office and support you...
Instead Obama said congratulations.

Tough talk from Obama regarding what the Afghan President must do in his country does not change the fact that he just publicly congratulated someone on winning an office by questionable means.
You see in my view of the world the greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Obama has just shown the world his smooth ability to double speak and to quote lots of Hollywood movies regarding Native Americans; "HMMMMM methinks he speaks with a forked tongue!" I wish I could say I was surprised. After all doesn't fraud in elections happen right here in the USA?

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