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Friday, November 06, 2009

The United States government is killing their own solders

Any leaders of any nation that knowingly kills off it's own military is insane.
Call it what you will but the bottom line is that constant exposure to radioactive dust from depleted Uranium is a death sentence. Our Department of Defence says that depleted uranium is safe. Scuse me but when did radiation become safe? Our solders are exposed. There is no way they could not be.
I watched this video in horror of that realization.
Military contractors made these weapons that have depleted Uranium in them. Military contractors are funded by the government and my tax dollars.
A quite rage courses through me.
My mind is screaming at this evil perpetuated by my government in "We The Peoples" name,in the name of keeping us "safe" from terrorist.
This evil that began on 9/11 from an inside job.
Is this a matter of the end justifies the means??
My mother taught me that two wrongs do not make a right.

Certainly these children born with deformities are very important.
Where are the right to lifers? Those pro-life people screaming at abortion clinic doors about the sacredness of life? Why are they silent?
Either all life is sacred or none of it is!

Our solders will come home with this exposure to radiation sickness and they will die.
They will die trying to believe that what our country had them do was right.
Many will die knowing they were betrayed by our government.
They answered the call to defend our nation.
Our government and the people in charge of it have betrayed them.
Hear the Iraq veteran speak on this matter.

I want to take a moment here and thank our military and those veterans who are speaking out and those who honor their oath to protect us. And while I am speaking about it. Since when is an order lawful that is against our Constitutional law? The freedom of Speech,the right to peacably assemble does not seem to apply to our veterans nor any one else in this country anymore.

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