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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

They want your Soul

Yes they want your soul.They think that people are easy to manipulate.
Are you?
Can those in charge get you to vote this way or for that party,support what they want you to, feel what they want you to,herd you to do what what they want you to, just by pulling the right strings of fear?
Can the corporations get you to feel or act as they want you to?
Marketing agencies say they can. Can the government PR people get you to be uncertain and divided by emotions and mental concepts,react in a desired fashion that furthers their get more money and power agenda?
Are you aware that the ones elected to office are the ones with the best PR people?
Do you let them tell you what is important regarding life today, play on your fears , or what/who you should be talking about and concerned with?
They think all they have to do is package it in the proper way and wallah! you are thinking feeling,buying what they want to sell you.. be it merchandise or a concept. Are they right?
Wave a flag and let a "leader" tell someone they must help people be free and that they fighting for their country and people die.
Because they told you to do it. They told you it was right and moral.
Did you question or look into it for yourself?
If you did I salute you..
Think for yourself, believe nothing "those in authority" show you.
Research all they tell for yourself.
They want your soul.
Do they have it already?
For a more in-depth understanding of how they manipulate people and what tools they use to do this...
go here

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