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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Governmental Conspiracies Paranoia? Maybe for a good reason

I know it's a lot of info... so bookmark this page or the site the info comes from and take your time. Read and think for yourself. I did this because quite often we who talk about 9/11 truth and government conspiracies are told we are paranoid and need meds.. We are told that our government doesn't do things like this and that we are delusional. Well just for fun I thought people should know what our government does with some of our tax money.
Lets see now... there are mind control experiments, secret societies, Internet control,psyops,sex abuse and more.
Much of this is listed under the title of non-lethal weapons. The name sounds harmless and quite good doesn't it?.
Is it?
Well you know the history of our CIA military complex so you tell me.
I looked around the world and wondered: All of this killing is authorized and done by people who claim to be devout Christians. Now why doesn't this bother people? It bothers me.
I wonder what would Jesus do?

I read through all of this stuff that is linked here and more, so everything I am going to reference to below is in one or more of those links above.

How do you feel about the equivalent of Keystone cops having this kind of power to influence how we look at things and how we respond? I find it kinda scary.
Also there are countries that have weapons that can disperse a protest.
This has been used already in Israel and in America.
They call it Scream.

The CIA has people in it who have been going on with these kind of terrorist agenda actions for a very long time and those in the CIA appear to have their own political agenda... so no matter who is president they get to keep on going with whatever their latest greatest program is. All of this is done under the guise of protecting America. From the looks of things they have been doing a whole lot of stuff "We the People" would never approve of.
The CIA has been involved for quite a few years in Yemen and damn near every other country in the world. Busy little suckers ain't they....Well after all war, murder, mind control, regime building and toppling, raping and pillaging IS a full time operation. All of this is done under the guise of protecting us.
The scary part of this is that these people actually believe this propaganda garbage.
People wonder why other people in the world hate us.DUH!!!

While I am not naive enough to think that if we "just talk to them it will all be goodie goddie...I do believe that there is another way that is along the moral high ground instead of becoming as bad if not worse than those who really do mean us harm.
I teach my children that if it is wrong for them to do it to you then it is wrong for you to do it to them. The bible teaches this. It is called the golden rule.
Those in government claim to be Christians so perhaps they could practice what they preach or claim to believe. Perhaps it would take a little Faith in what Jesus taught and while I know that that is asking alot either they are Christians or they are not. Calling themselves Christians does not make it so. Christians walk the talk, not talk the walk. Being proactive does not translate into act as badly as the enemy.

Then there is the health care business,hmmmm lets see.. who "owns" the Republican and Democrat parties? Oh look it is the insurance companies, weapons manufacturers, and such as that.
Oh and lets not forget how all the main members of government are involved in secret societies. It is something isn't it? I wonder what are the odds of so many presidents and so many of those running for president, and those in the highest offices in the land being from the same secret societies and often times descendants of those in the same secret societies..HMMMM what a coincidence.
After all of this government released documents and other info reported by mainstream media sources.(which the debunkers adore).... I cannot possibly imagine why anyone would believe in Conspiracy theories and shadow governments.
Can you?
So what can We the People do about this?
Well for starters we can demand that the president reign in the CIA and all of those alphabet(CIA,FBI,NSA) psychotic people who have stared so long in the mirror of enemies that they have become as bad if not worse than the ones they claim as enemies. (Personally they remind me of the KGB) Go read "A new strategy for America" then demand that our gov implement it.
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Nice work creating new terrorist you morons!

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