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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The personal paranoia of Glenn Beck?

Now that I have quit muttering darkly things about morons. I will address Glenn Beck's most paranoid ludicrous claim regarding 9/11 truthers. This hit piece from Beck is borderline slander if not slander outright. 9/11 Truthers are not a militia group,we are not extremists.The very idea that we are as pathetically ruled by our emotions as they are ruled by their fears is just plain sad and beyond outragious.
We 9/11 truthers are people from all walks of life in every country who care deeply about life,about our country,our Constitution,our freedoms, and are passionate about Truth. Truthseekers are just simply tired of the lies ,slander,and outright lunacy from those in control of our world. What is amazing to me is how far down the paranoia rabbit hole Fox news and Glenn Beck are willing to let the world see them travel.
The audacity of this man to state,allude to ,or even hint that we "Truthers" are somehow a physical danger to either him,Fox network, or President Obama would be ROFLMAO ludicrous if not for the sobering implications of what was just done on Glen Becks show. Does the concept of Truth scare people so badly? Or is it that they have stared so long in the mirror of darkness and paranoid fear, that they have become the very thing they are most afraid of? They apparently think that we would act just as insanely as they would if they believed what thay think we do.
All Beck has succeeded in doing is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are forces at work who wish to demonize any and all of the truth seekers on any subject using fear and other methods of propaganda. Unless of course this is all only in Glenn Becks mind.
I am very concerned for the safety of President Obama now. While I am no fan of the man I wish no harm to anyone.

Obama is not in danger from any 9/11 truthseeker or those of us seeking awareness and who firmly believe in non-violence... which from my experience is the majority of us. But it is possible that Obama is in danger from fringe psychotic elements within the govt. or other places who would do anything to keep their illusion of control and/or keep their deeds out of the public eye thereby insuring the status quo and their freedom from jail or stock market loss.

Even though I personally think that yes our govt.has people in the CIA and others within it that practise unholy things. I do not wish them harm.
What I wish for them is enlightenment and a change of heart. Much unlike them I do not live in paranoid fear.
I actually pity them for that is a terrible way to exist being tormented by their darkest fears.

Has far as I am concerned the answer to Becks question regarding "do we Truthers really believe that our government is so evil that it would stoop to such a thing as killing thousands of it's own citizens for gold,power, personal gain??? I do not know ..would they????..Is there historical precedence for such a thing... Hmmmmm lets ask the Native Americans shall we??? While we are at it lets ask those who are the descendants of slaves if our government is capable of turning a blind eye and thereby supporting an abomination with their lack of action and silence. Lets ask the 9/11 victims families if they feel they have been lied to by our government. Lets ask the Indigenous people in South America if our governmental CIA people are capable of atrocities and terrorism.
see this Lets ask the Iraq children and our own solders dying from radiation poisoning because of the weapons America uses. I would dearly dearly LOVE to think No.... that those in our government both past and present are not capable of such horrors..but tragically, sadly, and most unfortunately the facts of the matter are proving otherwise.
Glen did not stop at slandering just us 9/11 Truthers, he included Code Pink, and other peaceful life loving people and organizational groups whose mission it is to try to stop the madness,show us a better way to live and preserve life.
He even subtly insulted and included those who are Ron Paul supporters of the Revolution has dangerous to him and our president.
Would Glen have us all believe that our people in governmental power both past and present are so incompetent,so blind,so inept at their jobs that they did not know what other elements in our government were doing??? That they have always been honest with us and that people in power never lie or do these kinds of things??? Glen what pair of rose colored glasses are you looking at the world through and/or what have you been smoking??
People in our past governments sold us "the crazy commies are coming plot"
(Who knew then that when the Commies came they would be elected and in our own government?) and sold us the "everyone in the world is trying to kill us just because we love freedom nonsense"...Does anyone have any idea how insane that sounds????
Glen seems to be saying that all the engineers,firefighters ,professionals,scientists,architects,members of the Japanese government,along with thousands of working hard people all over the world are threatening him,Fox network and our President!!Glenn are you serious????!!!
Does you have any idea how insane that sounds????

Glen perhaps you should ask your doctor for a Xanax or something.
Your anxiety paranoia levels appear to be.... by what you have just stated for the world to see via Fox Network.... getting way out of control.
Glenn Becks grandstanding Paranoiac Lies

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