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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shades of Revelations/Say NO to the National ID Card

There is a part in the book of Revelations that talks about the Beast and how without the mark of the Beast no one will be able to do commerce.
(that is not an exact quote but it is close..)
Well the micro-chipping plan for humans didn't work so now they are trying to create a National ID complete with microchip or scan technology.
A Bi-Partisan committee is trying to pass this into law and then Wallah!
Big brother is in your back pocket!.
Would they be able to track us this way??
Possibly and most likely.
This National ID Card gives the NWO complete control.
So here ya go.. a message from Ron Paul warning us about this new technology they are going to try to pass and sell us using immigration and illegal immigrants as the reasons. You know they will invoke 9/11 and terrorist as well. They do that every time they take away another of our Freedoms.
Please sign this petition.
Call , and e-mail your Washington Critters.Spread this news.
It is Time to Stand!

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