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Saturday, May 01, 2010

One World Government The Dream of all Empires Past and Present

Since the beginning of mankind, kingdom rulers and nation leaders have attempted to have a one world government.
This concept is not new it is ancient.
Only now has the tools for such a concept been available to actually achieve it.
So just what would the New World order look like?
Many believe that a New World Order would be a good thing. There is the belief out there that a Star Trek kinda World Federation would be a good thing to have.
Is this what the NWO is trying to do?
It does not seem so.
Many claim that the NWO is trying to create a One World Dictator.
Perhaps what is required is a "World Unity" understanding.
Beware those who would use this concept to further their NWO agenda to provide a one ruler dictatorship.
One world One dream is not a good or evil concept. It can be a wonderful thing..however the proof of the tree is in the fruit it bears.
So far the fruit of this NWDisorder tree is war, complete human lack of freedom,and mind control.
It is time for an open and free discussion of what a New World Order is and the difference between World Unity and co-orperation between governments in a world parliament kinda concept (which we already have as the United Nations) and this current NWO agenda.
This vid opens this discussion up and lets us begin to define how and what We The People of the world want for our children's and their children's future.
In the name of the New World Order concept 9/11 and all wars and governmental policies since have been done.
Watch the vid and then the discussion will begin as we explore this on this blog in depth.

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