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Written By FaithRMichaels I'm tired of hype, tired of same ole same ole lesser of two evils choice,  wayyyy tired of Clinton and wayyyy...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One large Gushing Oil Leak Is all that it took!

Written By FaithRMichaels

Dead Fish are washing up all along the east coast by the hundreds possibly thousands.
Hundreds of dead jelly fish wash up on Mississippi's shores.
see this and this
Piles of dead Marine life that are being ignored by the Mainstream media and hidden from Camera view ..( this hiding is sponsored by Homeland Security who is in charge of all media content from the Gulf and BP's fear of a 50,000 dollar per dead animal fine.)
The cause ? less oxygen in the waters, Oil plumes, oil ingested by these sea animals and oil covering their bodies , toxic dispersant's, and methane, plus other gases that came from the oil well gusher.
Many of these fish are food species for all the life in the oceans and this Earth including humans.
The food chain has been disrupted in a large way. Maybe permanently.
This is why environmentalist have been saying ..NO drilling!
Our Congress did not care. Our Senate did not care. Our Presidents did not care.
The people who needed a job from the many industries that depend upon oil did not care.
The government did not offer those folks another job option.
With the save your current job carrot dangling in front of most Americans noses ..The government people who were elected to safeguard America and We the Peoples interests,
led them all to disaster!
ONE gushing Leak, just ONE! .... is all it has taken to bankrupt fishing industries,severely hamper (possibly destroyed) tourist and restaurant industries in multiple states, bankrupt and put out of a job, ALL the industries that depended upon a healthy eco-system within the ocean. Joc Cousteau would weep.
Just ONE Oil spill from ONE well is all that it took to create this .
(There are hundreds of Oil wells in the Gulf and elsewhere around the globe.)

We environmentalist were trying to save ALL the industries and ALL the jobs that depend upon a healthy eco-system, only to have Corporation spokespeople and their paid for politician lackeys say :
"We Environmentalist" are the reason there are no jobs from certain industries.
We the environmentalist KNEW that the Oil corporations could NOT be trusted to safe guard the environment that SO many others depended upon for their livelyhood.
How did we know this?
Well the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and the Oil companies have a LOONG history of violating the environment and leaving their toxic messes.
After all it's not like Mining corporations and Oil corporations have ever left a huge disaster in EVERY PLACE they have ever been in the world is it?

This damage they leave costs them Millions possibly Billions to clean and people get sick, Crops get contaminated,and our water supply becomes contaminated with poisons...But hey what is that compared to profit?
These Corporations continue to make a profit while passing ALL the expenses on to the consumer for their messes. We the People get to pay for cleaning up the huge mess they made in the first place!
By the way this clean up costs more than the prevention would have cost.
In short they make their money with slow agonizing Death. Why should they care?
They are fine and have made Billions. While WE the People are stuck with paying for it.
How do they repay us for our loyalties???
They take the very same jobs they told us their neglectful processes were "saving" and outsourced them to other countries while they blame it all on the restrictions "Our Bleeding Heart Liberals" have set in place to hold them accountable..
They forgot to mention the fact that these laws would not have been necessary had they not destroyed all other Industries and more in their mad rush for Black Gold.

Instead these corporations just move on to other countries with lax environmental laws like a bad virus..contaminating and killing other parts of the world.

Sarah Palin had the nerve during the spill to attempt to lay the blame for this mega disaster upon the doorsteps of the environmentalists by saying that "if environmentalist had allowed shallow off the coast drilling" then this disaster would not be so huge.
Now how does that make any sense? Would there be less oil coming out from a collapsed line?
Perhaps their would have been a way to cap it better?
Perhaps BP would have paid closer attention to their own peoples warnings regarding a disaster and the dangers they were risking?
Noooooo Mz.Palin. That dog don't hunt .
We environmentalist were trying to create more jobs at home here in America from recycling industries,green technologies etc..only to have all of that fall on deaf ears within our bought and paid for by the oil lobbyist, propaganda spewing,war mongering ,special interest bought politicians government!
In short Mz.Palin People like you.

Unlike the oil companies; Green technology wasn't subsidised by the government so all the promising research and proven to work technology couldn't be taken to the next level.
Other countries created jobs for their people and took care of a huge part of their energy needs with Green Fuel technology ... but not America.

Instead of supporting new industries here in America that would have created millions of jobs for Americans in America; the last 3 administrations (and possibly more) have spent trillions of dollars fighting wars and waging a propaganda war to control the oil and gas resources of the world. Their reasoning???... keep them out of "hostile to American Capitalism" governments in the world.
We have to Protect our national interest in the world" and that interest is expanding Capitalistic profit in the corporate sponsored government minds. Not for American People just for them.
In their twisted minds this paradigm equals freedom..(it does ...but only theirs.. not We the People's) so this is the tactic our government has been using to do unethical ,immoral,bad for Americans, business in the world and getting Americans to go along with what they have been doing.
Money creates freedom..right???
Money and jobs create prosperity...right????
after all we Americans must maintain our wealth right???
Then pray tell me the answer to this question.
Why have these "educated "people led us down the path to ruin?
If their Ideas were so great and workable why isn't the world economy in better shape?
Why is Americas economy in the double dipped recession we are now in?
One just ONE! Oil gusher in the ocean is all it has taken at the proper time to cause irreparable harm to a American Industry.
The lists of disasters in America (and the world) recently has been mind boggling.
Freaky weather,is causing many crops and gardens to fail.. (Is this HAARP related?)
Hailstorms have done extensive damage,tornado's,and rainstorms,floods and /or extensive droughts are wreaking havoc on the American farmer and have been doing so for years now.

The fishing industry off of Americas eastern coast is now damaged for years to come maybe for generations, maybe forever.
Our Greedy Bankster and Wall street money changers have wreaked our Construction industries, all the industries that depend upon new home construction, our Credit industries, Loan Programs , and Housing markets.
They have also assisted the drug wars in Mexico by laundering money for them.
Our retail car industries and car manufacturing industries, along with all the associated Industries, also took a heavy hit..and to top it all off "We the People " whose jobs vanished with the outsourcing of America and all the above mentioned situations Bailed many of these industries out with tax dollars, while we struggled to put food on the table and they squabbled and squawked over losing their million dollars bonuses.
Now those self same voices that have brought us to this precipice ..The Republican Party and the Democrat Party have bought up Billions of dollars of campaign ads on television ,radio, newspaper, banners,Internet ads, posters stuck all over every street corner in the nation to say the same thing..It was the other parties fault.
Elect ME! they all say. I will single handily fix it all.
"The Left has ruined our Country by imposing socialism programs" So saith the Right wing "Conservative" politicians.
"The Right has led us all to War bankrupted our nation ,ruined our economy " So saith the Left wing "Liberal" Politicians.
You know what??....we have had these two parties swapping control ...for over a hundred years!
In that time this thinking regarding jobs,World Peace and prosperity and more, have brought us to right here, right now, with these global and national problems outlined within this article.
Each political party has blamed the other or someone else for the problems refusing to take ANY responsibility for their part in these financial and ecological disasters!
We the People have had to deal with their lies,denials and finger pointing at each other while NOTHING HELPFUL In or/FOR THE LONG TERM... GETS DONE!
Their best thoughts got us right here in the now with one disaster after another.
The mind boggling part for me is that the American public will go to the polls again this year and elect one of these parties with proven incompetence at their jobs AGAIN!
The American Voter will say...What other choice is there????
Well if they would REALLY ask and research that question they would find there are MANY OTHER CHOICES!
It is way past time for a new paradigm.
I voted Green!
We the People do not need, nor can America survive anymore Conservatives or Liberals.
What WE the People need is BALANCE and SANE Thinking....not to far to the left nor right..for it is crystal clear that both the left and right have had more than enough time to get this correct and it is clear to even the most blind and/or dumbest among us..that they have FUBAR'ed it beyond anyones wildest nightmares!
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1 comment:

  1. No one is so powerful that they can stop the march of time

    And so it is happening – that which was predicated, foretold by those with commonsense - those who were living through the horror known as the Deep Water Horizon Disaster. The oil was spewing forth and the government and BP were trying to hide the amount by dispersing it with COREXIT.

    You cannot pour on, spray onto or disperse the oil without creating an even bigger ecological disaster.