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Saturday, September 18, 2010

BP the good news and the bad

Written By FaithRMichaels

I have good news and bad news.
The good news from the Gulf is that they completed the drilling of the new well,and have poured concrete into the old well gusher to "permanently" seal it.(...I hope so)

The good news is that  BP can now stop pouring millions of gallons of dispersant's into the Gulf. The bad news is that dispersants drop the oil from the top of the water.... to the bottom of the Gulf.

Remember that old saying; "out of sight, out of mind?"
This is BP's state of mind when it comes to minimizing the impact of the disaster.
 See : Oil 2 inches thick found on the sea floor

BP's greatest minds came up with this...what to do.... after they failed to use common sense  or listen to their own people regarding the risk they were taking.
Remember all the warnings BP received regarding that blow out valve?

Now for the bad news.Unfortunately the effects from this disaster are not going away anytime soon.

The dispersants that BP has been using has gotten into our water cycle.
How could it do anything else?
Any third grader can tell you that water from the oceans go up in evaporation.
Whatever is mixed with the oceans water will also go up.
Then following the basic laws of this planet ...what goes up will come down...
The dispersants come down with the rain.
That rain is killing and damaging our crops, our trees,etc.and contaminating our streams and rivers. raining on our children ,our pets, our crops,our farm animals, and us.

It is bad enough that there are huge fish kills off of our eastern and southern coast lines,
It is bad enough that the Marine life is dying by the thousands,
It is bad enough that there are miles and miles of fresh oil sludge on the bottom of the Gulf.
It is bad enough that this effects the flowing of the thermohaline currents of this planet which is the pacemaker of this planet's weather.
Now we have toxic corexit dispersant rain that is severely damaging... or possibly destroying the rest of the ecosystem in a large way .
I wonder can it get in our food chain? It is theoretically possible.
It does rain on our food crops.
There is already severe problems to our crops from "something in the air" so saith the farmers.
see the damge and watch the vid here
also for more vids s on this go to youtube and type in toxic rain in their search bar to see how widespread the damage is.

It is hard to say how long term this damage from the Oil Gusher;  plus the spraying of millions...possibly billions of gallons of  toxic dispersants into the Gulf waters will be.

The thermohaline current  has been struggling for years now due to global warming.
Word has it that it has broken down completely since the oil gusher disaster in the Gulf.
See: Life on this earth just changed

Perhaps the dying or dead thermohaline current is a good thing in a twisted sort of way.
This could prevent the currents from carrying those toxic dispersant's all over the world.
The bad thing is:
It could also prevent the watering down or thinning out of the dispersants.
This could make the rain concentrations of toxic dispersants heavier in the US southern,midwest, and coastal states.
 One thing is certain there will be severe consequences from this thermohaline current breaking down. The last time it happened was over 8,000 years ago right before a mini Ice age. look here

This Thermohaline current breakdown will mean more floods,more extra severe weather,more droughts in places,and with winter coming on.... people in certain areas are going to get the most severe of winters.
 It will be like a mini ice age coming down.
see this

Some people will say that I am just being an alarmist and that there is no proof that the dispersants nor the oil are causing this massive kind of problem in our environment.
Some will come out with arguments and pooh pooh the whole idea that what BP has done will be/ are the only causes of the problems I have listed.

I say if it looks like a duck ,walks like a duck,quacks like a duck,odds are pretty good that it's a duck.
I do not care if BP's actions or lack thereof are not the only causes.
What is certain is the fact that BP's oil gusher in the Gulf with their subsequent handling of this disaster has not created one lick of good.
Truth is; it has done very severe harm.
Odds are very good that BP's handling of the Gulf Oil volcano gusher is directly responsible for the major problems we are seeing in the environment right now regarding all that I have said here.

Everyday I get all kinds of environmental alerts to my e-mail box and none of them address this most egregious harm that BP has perpetuated upon our earth.
 I e-mailed them back and said why not?
I have not had a single answer to my inquiry as of yet.

It is possible that once the toxic dispersants stop being sprayed in the Gulf things can begin to heal there. That is once they stop spraying .. however...word has it that BP is  still spraying dispersants as of the day of this writing.
see this

 How long it will take those dispersants to bio-degrade in the environment is still an open question. How long after the Biodegrading does it take for the fish numbers and other marine life to again become one knows.
Long term damage done? No one knows for sure.
Rest assured there will be long term damage.
We have never had a oil gusher nor toxic dispersant dump of this magnitude before.

One thing is certain a pebble dropped into a pond the waves from this  BP Gulf oil gusher's destruction will continue to have a huge unfavorable impact on our lives... no matter where you are on the planet for a long time to come.
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