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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Corexit Toxic Rain?

Written By FaithRMichaels
On June the 7th,2010 I  wrote and published these statements regarding the toxic Corexit sprayed by BP during the massive oil gusher incident in the Gulf.
"...the abomination, massive death that is occurring and will continue to occur... and the scope of what has been done boggles the mind...

Congratulations you imbecilic have won...for you have created a monster that you cannot put back in the closet...BP's dispersant Corexit will get sucked up in a gaseous state with the streams and rain a toxic rain killing most anything it touches is my understanding at this time... If this is so... crops will fail,there will be a horrible famine in many places possibly the USA and our Oceans will die in that area..."

I really wanted to be wrong but I am not.
Yesterday after the rains came this is what I found on my walk in my woods.

I found this on all of my plants,including the Posion Ivy.All the trees, all the bushes, grass, honeysuckle vines, saw briars, everything! I wanted to cry and I wondered how could anyone do such a thing to themselves,their children,their food?
I started looking on YouTube and discovered that it's everywhere. In Wisconsin,Kentucky,Tennessee,Florida,Georgia,Iowa, Canada, and on and on.
I thought... this is worse than Hitler or at least just as bad. After walking in the woods I got sick within 4 hrs.Coincidence? Maybe but I discovered many others are saying the same thing..You see it had rained just a little prior to my walking. Now I have lung congestion,no fever,no stopped up head,no runny noise, no sore throat... just lung congestion.
Check this vid out.
This is my local news channel in June of this year.This vid title says it is in Mississippi but it is not..the counties mentioned are north of here in Tennessee. Much of the rainfall they recieved went North of us...that is till the tropical storms came in off the Gulf within the last two weeks..I have lost my garden and all of my trees and plants have this stuff on them
here are more pics and this just happened within the last two days as the rains from the gulf came up this way.

I have more pics I will show later..gonna create a vid.. Get ready for food shortages people and you can thank -BP

1 comment:

  1. This is horrific Faith !!

    Stay inside if it rains and drink bottled water.

    They've poisoned us all ...

    Take care !

    I pray these toxic rains will not continue.