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Monday, September 20, 2010

Whats up with that?

Written By FaithRMichaels
Just about 15 minutes ago I had a very interesting experience.
I heard a helicopter flying low and loud outside... so I went t o see what it was.
to my surprise it was a large dark grayish black helicopter flying low enough for me to see it's guns.
It circled my house twice.(I was running for my cell phone so I could camcorde it)
But alias my cell phone was in the bottom of my purse.
By the time I got it out they were no longer flying where I could see them. I could still hear them though and I waited to see if they were coming back.
haven't seen them yet.
Why are they here? Who knows?
Maybe they are waiting to see if I say something really bizarre like...They are watching Me!
Maybe they are NOT watching me.
Perhaps it is all a coincidence that I am writing about Homeland Security and BP and then a strange helicopter with guns buzzes my house twice.
Maybe they were lost or confused as to which direction they needed to go.
Perhaps they were just getting some thermographics for something completely unrelated to me.
If they come back I am sooo getting a vid.
any how just wanted to share and place this on my list of things that make me go HMMMM.
On the 21st they buzzed my house again this time really quickly and higher up... flying to fast for me to get a vid.I have been living here and in this area for over 24 years and this is a first time experience..oh to be sure helicopters like hospital Wings and sometimes news copters fly around if there is something going on like in the recent train derailment or if a crime has happened...we get police copters looking for someone... but this is a first military type flyover that is daily...I'm thinking how weird.
I am also thinking it may be that my Congressman whom I called the other day may be looking to see the damage done by the toxic rain I complained about in the area to local farms.... Travis Childers is a good man even if he is democrat. He doesn't vote party.He also shows common sense with his voting record. so I like him and will vote for him. he helps the farmers alot and does show caring about real things.
but I digress....
 Grayish Black copters buzzing my house...HMMMMMM


  1. Very disturbing !!

    I hope you are ok.

    The entire system they are defending is falling apart. The crims running things have to take a second look and realise it's time to let people go about their business.

    The environment and EVERYONE (inc military) is being poisoned and something needs to be done.

  2. Yes we are OK... It all could have been a
    co-incidence.. just very strange...
    and yes something needs to be done...working on it..thanx for the concern bro...keep on sailin