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"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?" Gandhi

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

"We" need to stop listening to talking heads and research how their heads are screwed on!

Written By
Barbara Costello
  "We" need to stop listening to talking heads and research how their heads are screwed on!
Note "We" rank 49th in the world when it comes to health care! If you think
that's aok then you have a big problem with rational thinking! We
can fund wars yet dropped from 23 to 49th when it comes
to the well-being of our own citizens!
Are "WE"dispensable?


Who and what ideology won the 2nd world war?


I wish that Sarah Palin & her ilk represented the truth, from an honest point of view, about the dire issues facing this nation's families! Palin exudes a show biz, phony, personality. Her rhetoric spews out innuendo and back stabbing comments towards the opposition. Her lack of sincerity exhibits the truth about her real motives! GR$$D!  Palin is for Palin! Even her abusive use of her children tells the tale! 

What will it take to bring honor back to a nation under siege from faceless corporations who "Dare" exploit the resources of others and US?  First and foremost, "We" need to stop our dangerous petty prejudice's. "We" need to stop listening to talking heads and research how their heads are screwed on!  We need to be better listeners! Prejudice folks and those influenced by gr$$d only hear what they wish to hear. This thinking enables the enemy. Further empowering them to continue their onslaught on our freedoms.

Palin makes her "Blood" money from the very sources whose agendas would "Dare" take America into the abyss.  It's no secret that the Democrats are needing to clean their own house! That's a given!  I, for one, am sick of the "Good Cop, Bad Cop" game that some of the legislators, of both parties, play!  "We" watched the game playing during the FISA Bill debate, then the health care Bill, more especially after Ted Kennedy took ill. It was a telling tale if you were seeking truth and had an open mind during these debates!  The bankruptcy Bill   was well planned, and the changes made were influenced by the very abuse of power-players of the "Bail Out" fame and, it was voted into law under a republican run Congress..

The Republican party, of this era, have openly, with an in your face arrogance, sold their soul to the company store and they even "Dare" flaunt their un-American activities in our American faces. Even the Republican side of the Supreme Court spit on the Constitution when they handed down a ruling in favor of Corporations which, once and for all, opened Pandora's box. Think of it! Billions to further Corporation agenda's have gone into this election process! BILLIONS!  American's are losing all they worked for! And our "Democracy"? It has been degraded! While the Insurance companies are going about their usual business as usual. American's are torn! The American dream fast becoming a nightmare of monumental proportions.

We were warned that America's fall would come from within! A respected Republican, Eisenhower, warned "US" of the Military Complex.  JFK was critical of the Federal Reserve! The signs have been many! But the truth of the dire issues facing this nation has ultimately been covered up, not uncovered, by the corporate-run- media. A media owned by the very entities who would, once and for all, "Dare" drain what's left of this Nation's life's blood! There's no doubt that the Rupert Murdoch news empire is the most dangerous. But, they are not alone in their conquest of truth! Their trophy? The PEOPLE of these NOT-so-United States, on it's knees!

All legislators who serve the dastardly agendas of Corporations should be held to account! Certain members of the Supreme Court should be tried as traitors for their un-American rulings! We need to form many citizen committees throughout the country that will air the dirty laundry of those who have dangerous agendas, not so secret any longer since the recent supreme court ruling. A ruling so abusive it would "Dare" undermine OUR COUNTRY to the detriment of her striving citizens.

Many excellent grass root groups have emerged over the last years, but, as usual, many who stand in support of these movements forget that the stakes are so high their commitment "cannot" take a hiatus.


"We The People" need to take hold of the reigns of our government, not by violence as advocated by the likes of Angle, of Nevada, but by becoming that which "We" wish our legislative body was. Honor bound! Unselfish servants to the needs of "ALL" Americans and, the people who  share this planet with us! People who practice what they preach serve reason, it is the power of the mind by which man attains truth or knowledge! "We" need folks who understand that this planet cannot survive anymore abuse of it's elements! "We" need folks who can find a way to co-exist,  in harmony, with each other!


Empire builders have a single minded goal; "Rape and Pillage" what they are able, leaving chaos and despair as their calling card! The bottom line? Sarah Palin, for an example, is a bought and paid for talking head! And like a good sellout, she plays her role well as she marches to the tune of insatiable GR$$D!It's time to Assume Nothing! Question Everything!  Fascism has been thrown around a lot and even stamped on Obama's administration!  Actually he's been called a Fascist, Communist, and Socialist! Even Nazi has been laid at his feet when the Tea party exhibited a sign with a swastika on his forehead!

How could one man be so many ideologies to these people who decry his presidency and, are at the heart of what's gone wrong with America?  Are "We" American's so out of touch with reality we act like zombies in a movie? American's who perform in this manner do this Nation a disservice, since they only serve the interest of those who would "Dare" take this country of immigrants, into the abyss!!
Which party is serving Fascism? Does Fascism serve the constitution of these United States? Which ideology best describes that which the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights advocate? What did the framers of the Constitution have in mind?  Do American's, on the whole, understand what they want from their government? Do they understand what the corporate mindset wants?  Do American's, educated or not, understand that the corporate ideology has an agenda to gain control of government? Any government! Even if it's at the expense of the populous of a country. Any country!   The World! "Wake Up America"

President Obama has done well considering what he INHERITED!

The vicious games the Republicans have played prove that they care little about the plight of Home-Spun-Americans, nor the peoples of the world. They are spoiled brats and obstructionist. Last, but not least, some of the Democrats have either become Republicrats or, are cowards.


Now to the nitty-gritty!
If you Voted for a Republican, in this election,you voted for those who want to continue with an "incurable" disease. If you voted for a Democrat, in this election, you voted for those who still know there's hope at the end of the tunnel.  Democrats may be weak. But are "We"? That should be the question "We" answer!  With the participation of the "We" in this forgotten equation, if "We" band together, "We" WILL take back our DREAMS!


Barbara Williams

Co-Founder/ Founder/ 

[words thrown around]



Fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy... 


The word fascism has come to mean any system of government resembling Mussolini's, that exalts Nation and often race above the individual, and uses violence and modern techniques of propaganda and censorship to forcibly suppress political opposition, engages in severe economic and social regimentation, and espouses nationalism and sometimes racism (ethnic nationalism).
Nazism is usually considered as a kind of fascism, but it should be understood that although Nazism sought the state's purpose in serving an ideal to valuing what its content should be; its people, race, and the social engineering of these aspects of culture to the ends of the greatest possible prosperity for them at the expense of all else (an 'introverted' socialism).


  1. Things could be worse. We do still live in a democracy which is why we liberals are so sad. Just remember that the party of "NO" now has to do something. Think about it.

    Yesterday's election results were no surprise to me. It just showed and proved what a completely selfish and self serving society we are. Instant results for problems eight years in the making. Two wars. One of which was absolutely without cause or provocation, tax benefits for the wealthiest, uncontrolled and unregulated banking and lending practices. Now because we, the people did not see instant results from a new president we have chosen to vote back into power those who created these problems to begin with. Think about it.

    They, the newly elected will try to take credit for all of the Obama initiatives which will show more success in the next two years, but it is up to us to remind them where it all started. Think about it.

    For all those republicans who ran and won because they wanted to make things better, I congratulate them. For all those republicans who ran and won because they wanted to see Obama fail, I say, you are a shame to your party and your country. Mainly because most of you are racist at heart and will not admit it. Think about it.

    Democracy does give us all these ups and downs, but it is still better than the alternative. It is up to us who believe that this country can and will do better to watch out for the mentality of the newly elected, who seem to want the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. Those who are willing to accept the likes of a Sarah Palin who knows less about world affairs than I. That is a pretty sad state of affairs since she seems to be looking to be our next president. Think about it folks! Good old Sarah wasn't even up to being governor of Alaska, yet she now wants to be president of the US. What is wrong with that picture? Other than her intelligence, knowledge of world and political affairs, and the fact that she is ill equipped to deal with anything outside her own self serving world. Think about it.

    I am a real nobody with strong opinions which I express freely because of the country I live in. You all should do the same on a regular basis. Even if you think others will scoff and laugh, it is up to you to speak out! Think about it.


  2. The above is a post that was sent to Barbara and I am reposting because this should be read by many