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Sunday, December 05, 2010

WikiLeaks and the killing of America

Written By FaithRMichaels

Wow....The more I hear about WikiLeaks the stranger it gets.
If you have been following along with this blog,then you are aware that this writer has often labeled the persons in charge of American National security as morons,imbeciles and names like unto that. The WikiLeaks scandal either proves that I am correct in the name calling OR something else is going on.

Here are my questions.
How does one"leak" that much information from secure confidential files?
Are they not secure?
They "leaked" all that info to tell us what we already knew?
I mean I knew our government is completely corrupt.Doesn't everyone know that?
Lying,murder,theft,torture,,hell our voting process in more than two elections was proven to be fraudulent.
Thousands dying in illegal wars.
Land theft,political prisoners,treason,war crimes,and the damn list goes on and on...
Seriously is there anyone who does not know  that The American government has become completely corrupt?
So now WikiLeaks comes in like a storm and says "HEY" Lookie at the leakie"????
I keep being astonished at how serendipitous these "crisis" always are.
Others have noticed this anomaly as well.

Every time the United States government wants to delete the rights that were guaranteed under the Constitution...Somehow a "crises" "appears" that Politicians use as a" reason"to pass some piece of unconstitutional garbage through the Congress and Senate.

Here are a few examples:
Christmas Underwear bomber...Just in time for the re-instating of the Patriot Act vote and Just in time for the TSA to begin searching your underwear ....violating the 4th amendment
Egg contamination,massive food recalls,Federal government raids on products sold by small farmers and small business owners.
All done in the few months prior to passage of S510-our new  food safety bill.
9/11...Patriot Act... written before9/11 by the way........and as before the list goes on and on
Now the Internet bill is coming up and already because of WikiLeaks...websites are being shutdown by the government and collage students are being told that if they post on FB or Twitter regarding Wikileaks that their job future will be compromised...WTF!
Well there goes the 1st amendment.

You know ...I could not help but notice that these kinds of violations of human rights is what the American government uses has reasons to go to war with other countries...
The people in power are killing the America we  believe in
So my question is this...WikiLeaks??? or Wiki government sponsored Propaganda.....
things that make me go hmmmm!

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