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Sunday, February 06, 2011

The oldest of Civilizations, Egypt's people, proving their worth

Written by Barbara Costello
Founder of DaretoDream Network
 The oldest of Civilizations, Egypt's people, proving their worth as they have throughout their long history.
There have been times in America when folks peacefully protested. It was especially true during the early union years. And, within a short time, thugs, paid by big biz, came into the crowds and created chaos. Even at different stages of America's growth, the police were and still are, used against protesters. This has happened many times in America's history. The 60's. Kent State is a perfect example of how our government used force against students and caused death and maiming. At the last Republican Convention protesters were harmed, one was trampled by an officers horse...
Those behind Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak "Dare" use violence and in doing so, give credence to the people of Egypt who are demanding reform. I have my ideas on the who's behind this onslaught of violence. It usually is, the usual suspects. Corporations, Mubarak's handlers, and those who feed at their trough. They "Dare" use intimidation, fear and even violent tactics, to protect their agenda's. 
In spite of the bully's, those who care about the dire conditions and problems facing the average Egyptian family are doing their very best to get the message out in a peaceful manner.
But the hateful ugliness of the cowards, paid by an enemy of the people, will have caused many broken hearts and injuries.  Insatiable Gr$$d & Empir$ seekers are always behind intimidation. While many suffer, those who abuse their power hide in dark corners where "Cowards Cower & Connivers, Connive!" Money can buy many things. It cannot buy integrity, compassion, nor the "WILL" of the masses who've had ENOUGH! 
When the majority of Egyptians, or any people for that matter, are forced to grovel, for a piece of bread, while leaders & cronies dine on Caviar, something is bound to give. History has shown us that people weary of being treated like slaves!  Being coerced, made to bow to the will of  empire builders, watching children go to bed hungry, no way to tend to, nor bring comfort to the sick, there comes a day when good people say; Enough!  
In America, this stance for equality, a gift from "Brave Hearts", gave birth to the unions and a commitment to the message, all are created equal! And less "We" forget. This nation, these United States, began to prosper and grow under these new found freedoms..
Until a more vicious assault was imposed on this nations people! Powered by the Reagan/Bush regime! A Congress allowed to get away with serious conflicts of interest as they serve corporate masters. Before this abuse of power was allowed to go unchecked, the long term future for many American's showed great promise. "The Reagan years were not good for America nor her working class. Much less, America's small business' or family farmers.
NAFTA, an abusive piece of legislation, was an abuse of the highest caliber! American workers, small biz and the poor, forced to suffer the death throes of a nation BETRAYED! Enlightened American's will only take so much abuse from the power brokers who have proven to be "RELENTLESS" in their demands...
Lives of good people are being lost during this protest in Egypt.  I have several friends over there, some in Syria, that I'm praying for. Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak is a shallow shell of a man more interested in maintaining power then his concern for the welfare of his countrymen. The Power brokers Mubarak bows too, control Egypt! I think it's fair to say that some of the same power brokers are running and ruining America as well!
My heart goes out to the people of Egypt! They're only guilty of one thing. "DESIROUS OF CHANGE".. They have a strong conscious impulse to do something to change the way their nation, under certain abusive entities, operate!  "We" American's, for some time now, have been passionate about America's need for "CHANGE" . But leaders/members of both parties have been high and mighty for so long, its as if "We" don't exist.
Sound familiar? Mubarak has treated his people in this high and mighty way for many years, and now, that the people are standing up, he sees only his shadow! Many of America's leaders see only their shadow and have become so caught up in their world they see not the damage they have caused their countrymen..These are some enlightened times. The world is a smaller place these days and "We", as citizens of the world, are coming together in solidarity. I am so overwhelmed by the actions of the good people of Egypt. My heart sings as they face a new era in Egypt's history. A history full of wonders.."We" American's, many of US,  spend too much time seeing only that which is in front of us. "We" need to see the world and all of it's wonders, that's before us!
President Obama promised Change "We" Could all Believe In!  Without our participation there will be no change, only a more oppressive escalation of what's been!  The stranglehold Egyptians are desirous of freeing themselves of is similar to the situation, stranglehold, American's face.  The undue influence of Corporations have allowed them to operate like a runaway train. They participate in criminal activities, get a slap on the wrist and or fined, the next day they're back at it!  World Leaders caught up in these times would best remember what many of their citizens are waking up to, corruption, ultimately, corrupts absolutely!   Barbara/founder/

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