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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help Ron Paul...End the Mandate!

I am all for healthcare for all but this healthcare bill without a single payer option is an obama-nation!
It is Unconstitutional!
I signed.

Fellow Patriot,

Big Government took a huge leap forward in 2010.  And you and I will suffer the consequences unless we take action today.

You see, the statists look for every opportunity to gain more power over our lives – and they found another one in the ObamaCare scheme.

It is a huge step toward a full takeover of our personal medical decisions, as well as a massive tax increase and a huge loss of liberty. It will also cause further destruction to our already fragile economy.

I’m not going to let this happen without a fight.  A fight to the end.

That’s why next week I will be reintroducing my END THE MANDATE Act, to eliminate the mandate requiring Americans to carry government-approved health insurance.

I’m asking you to join the battle today.

Please read the email below from Campaign for Liberty President John Tate.  Campaign for Liberty has a great plan to help me win this fight, but they are going to need every Patriot in our Revolution to join them.

I trust you’ll find this effort worthy of your time and support.

In Liberty

Congressman Ron Paul

End the Mandate
March 3, 2011

Dear Faith,

The ObamaCare scheme is designed to do two things statists love more than anything else: vastly increase the size and power of government and give our federal masters more control over our personal business.

Power over our very lives.

It's getting harder and harder for them to conceal their true intentions - and people are waking up to it.

You and I saw the results of this in the recent elections, giving us an opportunity to take action.

Ron Paul has a plan to fight back and END THE MANDATE, but Campaign for Liberty needs your help today to get the battle really moving.

You see, the debate over nationalized health care isn't about what Congress wants to "give" Americans.

It's not even about health care at all.

It's about power.

It's about what THEY take.

It's always been about what they take.

And their "take" is staggering.

Click here to sign the first page of Dr. Paul's End the Mandate Bill

Passage of ObamaCare means:
***  Statist politicians will collect more than $570 BILLION in new taxes on everything from prescription drugs and private insurance plans to medical device manufacturers;
***  Big Government will grow even bigger, as the IRS alone will hire more than 12,000 new employees to "ensure compliance";
***  The power of politicians and bureaucrats will expand dramatically as they FORCE U.S. citizens to buy insurance as a condition of citizenship and seize unprecedented control over American health care and businesses of every size.
You and I have a choice to make.

We can give up and give in. Or we can FIGHT BACK.

Well, Ron Paul has made his choice and is preparing to introduce legislation to END THE MANDATE.

Will you help C4L fight back alongside him?

As you know, recently a Florida federal judge correctly ruled that the ObamaCare mandate is unconstitutional.

This follows a similar ruling in Virginia.

While the momentum is on the side of health freedom, President Obama will continue to fight these rulings.

And it's far from guaranteed that the Supreme Court will uphold them.

A final ruling could be YEARS away - more than enough time for the mandate to take effect.

And you know what happens once a new government program is started.

So you and I must take action - IMMEDIATELY - to ensure we permanently defeat the mandate.

Click here to sign the first page of Dr. Paul's End the Mandate Bill

If passed, Dr. Paul's bill would end ObamaCare's mandate to force citizens and businesses to carry government-approved health insurance.

And this fight MUST start now.

You and I have seen the anger of the American people over this federal power grab.

After all, you've seen the news reports.

But they don't tell the real story.

No matter how government propaganda agencies manipulate economic statistics, unemployment continues to increase.

Some are reporting the real figure is close to 20%.

Yet, despite the Obama Administration's post-election rhetoric, the plan is to continue the federal spending spree.

In fact, as I write you, the federal debt is over $14 TRILLION and growing.

So I'm not going to sugarcoat this.

If you and I refuse to END THE MANDATE, it could be the last straw that sends our fragile economy nosediving off a cliff.

You see, some reports show ObamaCare could cost as much as $3 TRILLION or more over the next decade.

The new taxes and "fees" intended to partially cover the outrageous cost of ObamaCare will instead most likely stifle any new economic growth and worsen the recession.

Before each provision of the law even takes effect, insurance companies are already either raising their rates or dropping coverage entirely.

That's why it's so critical you sign the copy of Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill IMMEDIATELY.

I can tell you, your signed copy of the bill - and those from millions of others all over the country - will make an
enormous impact.

You see, the statists in Congress believe they've beaten YOU.

After all, the politicians saw the polls.

They knew they weren't doing the "will of the people" when they rammed ObamaCare into law.

But they think they'll get away with it anyway.

You see, the statists are betting you'll just give up.

They hope you'll forget about politics and get back to your life.

They and their willing accomplices in the media and entertainment industries hope to continue to distract you with their "bread and circuses" routine.

But that's not what's going to happen.

Not if Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, and millions of Patriots come to the rescue.

The establishment doesn't think the American people will work hard enough to make this happen.

It's up to you and me to prove them dead WRONG.

Dr. Paul is ready to fight. Are you ready to help him?

That's why your signature on Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill is so important.

My hope is to distribute millions of signed copies of Dr. Paul's bill on Capitol Hill to SHOCK the political establishment.

Your signed petitions will show the politicians in Washington that we will not go away . . .

. . . that the fight isn't over . . .

. . . and that they'll never get away with ramming another Big Government Bill down our throats again!

Just as importantly, we can send this message to the politicians in BOTH parties in Washington, D.C. - work to DESTROY ObamaCare by cosponsoring Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill... or continue to face the consequences.

Trust me, after this past election, that will resonate in the halls of Congress.

After all, politicians who are concerned almost solely with power are always primarily focused on reelection.

But that doesn't mean this battle will be easy.

Far from it.

Statist politicians in BOTH parties aren't going to give up their newfound taxing, regulating, and spending power over American citizens without an all-out FIGHT.

So that's exactly what I have planned.

In fact, I've already begun contacting supporters throughout the country via the Internet and email to alert them to Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill.

If you and I want to make a real difference in this fight, I need to be able to begin mobilizing an additional fifteen million activists from all over the country IMMEDIATELY.

In addition to vastly expanding the Internet and email program, I hope to mail millions of letters, make hundreds of thousands of phone calls, work talk radio and the media, and, if funding permits, roll out hard-hitting radio and TV ads in targeted districts in the final days before the vote.

So, in addition to signing the first page of Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill, it's vital you chip in your most generous contribution IMMEDIATELY.

Click here to sign the first page of Dr. Paul's End the Mandate Bill

I know I don't have to explain how critical this fight is.

If we don't fight back - if we don't prove to the Big Government politicians that we will not rest until ObamaCare is totally DESTROYED - this will only be the beginning.

Regardless of which political party is in power, there will be even greater assaults on our remaining health care freedoms until one day, federal bureaucrats are the decision makers in who receives care and who doesn't . . .

. . . and ultimately, who lives and who dies.

This is not the America I want to live in. And this is not the America I want for my kids and grandkids.

Faith, one reason Dr. Paul has fought against Big Government for over 30 years is that - like me - he believes ordinary folks can ultimately defeat the statists in BOTH parties and chart a new course for liberty for our country

In Liberty,

Click here to sign the first page

of Dr. Paul's End the Mandate Bill

John Tate

P.S. It's up to you and me to show the statists that under no circumstances is the fight over ObamaCare finished.

The good news is, Congressman Ron Paul is preparing to reintroduce his END THE MANDATE Bill to end compulsory participation in ObamaCare.

It's vital you sign the first page of Dr. Paul's END THE MANDATE Bill so I can deliver it to Congress.

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