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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Talk in the street re: Marshall County Ms. Sheriff Office Corruption

Written By FaithRMichaels

Rumor has it that there is more drug dealing out of the Marshall County jail by cops; than in the street:
Rumor has it that many of the sheriff deputies get a paycheck and no real detective work goes on ... their work  just looks good on real work done to investigate crimes..
Rumor has it that some of the detectives/officers spend time out in the street pulling women over..threatening to arrest them if the officer doesn't get some form of sexual favor...
Warrants have been signed by judges on the request of an officer..people arrested an taken to jail based on no evidence at all...I know this for a fact because it happened to a family member of mine..No one investigated to see if the person accused was even the most probable person who did the deed! There are a minimum of six people who can vouch for his of them is me...and if the boy had done what was claimed..I would have ratted him out instantly....So because of no investigation the citizens of Marshall county Ms. not only paid the detectives for we can waste some more money on a trial....and more...How special and what a crock of crap.
What is truly sad is that when this comes up and is talked about in the street..everyone here I spoke with just nods their heads yes and says something like this...not surprised...and can tell me a tale regarding Marshall County Sheriffs of their own..


  1. We need to rat out the corrupt all over the place ... a people's movement against corruption and the need to establish public office transparency (a glasshouse).

    Organisation beats disorganisation and knowledge beats ignorance.

  2. My wife has been charged with felony because Marshall County Sheriffs dept is too lazy to investigate. In 30 minutes online, I found the proper suspect, with addresses and phone numbers. I also found the plaintiff. Why couldn't the investigators do what I did. we're waiting for court next week. Calling the FBI tomorrow. Please everyone who has a complaint with marshall county sheriffs dept call the FBI. The more complaints, the better the chances are we get the crooked deputies out.