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Friday, April 04, 2014

Where Is The Ammo?

Written By FaithRMichaels
Know matter how hard you look you cannot find certain kinds of ammo. We have been searching everywhere for 22longs for our rifles. All dealers are out of stock.When you call the ammo suppliers they say that they are just back ordered and more will be in soon...however time rolls on an soon never happens.No matter when you call and how much time has elapsed..they are always out of stock.
  I read something sometime back that went around on Facebook that claimed the government..specifically the United States Postal Service was buying ammo.I went to the site and I was amazed. It seem that the USPS wasn't the only U.S. government office buying up ammo.The Department of Education as well as a few other U.S.Government Departments have ordered huge amounts of  ammo. These orders were being filled and shipped to the US government offices. Guess what one of the orders were? If you guess 22LR pat yourself on the back. You are correct.
see this
and this
then this

So they cant ban the guns they just use our tax dollars to buy up all the ammo.

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