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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ongoing Marshall County Ms.Police Harassement

Written By FaithRMichaels

About an hr. ago my daughter was pulled over in Marshall County Ms. by blue lights.. It was a unmarked Black SUV Ford F150 with black tinted windows...Two men got out and showing their badge and wearing a gun..they asked to see her drivers license.
She had on her sealt belt so did every person in the car...when she asked why they stopped her  they told her that she was wearing her seat belt improperly... she wasn't...they asked her to get out of the car an she complied. Then they asked her ..had she robbed any banks lately...She looks at them like they have lost their minds an tells them no....this girl has never been arrested in her life. They tried to tell her that her license was suspended...she told them it was not..they did not have a radio..they called the info in on their cell phone... they ask her if she smoked drugs in her car...she doesn't do can pass a piss test legit..... they give her no ticket...She calls me ...I go down to the store an there they are.
I drive by them an I can't see through the tinted windows..but they can see me...I park get out my phone...they drive off to the pawn shop..and one of them gets out...I see him ..he sees I take a pic of that truck...he sees me take a pic...I go into the store an people are talking bout those police...I start talking bout the corruption in this county regarding the police...loud..

come to find out that that mans name who stopped my daughter is Ricky not sure if that's a correct spelling or not of his last name..Im not even sure he is a real officer...
you see here is the thing...

About a month ago I posted an article on the corruption in this county regarding Marshall County Sheriffs..
An I also talked to the Judicial review board regarding the Justice Court in Marshall County..
 Co-incidence? I don't think so..
Do I need to be concerned for my safety??? hmmmm..
Im gonna call the lt gov office,,internal affairs  an the FBI and possibly the local news...we will see..
 I hope they can say lawsuit.

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