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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The State Department Buying Explosives For?

Written By FaithRMichaels

Why oh why would they be putting in an order for these?

The Department of State requires the following items, Meet or Exceed, to the following:
LI 001: 1.1 Comp C-4 M112, 1.25 lb Block w/Taggant, 360, EA;
LI 002: Detonating Cord - 50 Grains / Foot, 18000, FT;
LI 003: Detonating Cord - 25 Grains / Foot, 45000, FT;
LI 004: Cast Booster - 230 gram - (1/2 pound), 18000, EA;
LI 005: Sheet Exp - PETN based - C2 Thickness, 180, LB;
LI 006: LINEAR Shaped Charge, Copper, RDX, 400 Gr/ft, 144, FT;
LI 007: LINEAR Shaped Charge, Copper, RDX, 600 Gr/ft, 144, FT;
LI 008: Blasting Cap - Fuse Type #8- High Strength, 1350, EA;
LI 009: Blasting Caps, Elec., 12 ft., 250 ms del., 1800, EA;
LI 010: Blasting Caps, Elec., 12 ft., 500 ms del., 1800, EA;
this is the short list there's more at the link...

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