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Friday, May 02, 2014

Where on earth did the school money go?! Poof!

Written By AnonyMouse

Hello everyone.  I'm a new writer to this page. FaithRMichaels 'scouted' me per say.  I was a long time student of  Byhalia Middle/High school.  From the 3rd grade till the 10th, when my mom had had enough, I went to what is known as one of the worst schools.  I'm posting this topic so that you can know more about what goes on inside this school.

One thing that you can tell is proof of a bad school is this.  Earlier this year, we were congratulated for going from a overall grade average of an F to a D.  In our Byhalia High and Middle school, the students are constantly told that we are not going good enough, yet they congratulate us for small victories that every other school has long since achieved. Byhalia High statistics

I'll probably be writing more than one post on this, since there are many issues, but for now I will focus on the most urgent.  Money.

Let me explain the school settings.  The floor is always filthy, covered in stains much like the walls.  The library roof has holes in it and leaks.  I even went in one day and was told I couldn't use the computers because I could be electrocuted.  Our books are falling apart.  Some are even missing the contents of them!  Yes, some of us have book bindings under our desk instead of the contents of the book.  Other books are missing half of it.  The reason this is such an issue is because, about 1-3 times a year the school spends roughly $3000 waxing the gym floor.

Allow me to clarify,  $3000 per wax.  The entire time we are there, we are told that the other problems with the school will be repaired. Yet they never are.  We even had the girl's bathroom inaccessible for days because they dragged their feet to repair it.

They charge the students surprising amounts of money for everything.  For example, it is (on average) $30 to go to prom alone and $45 to actually go with someone.  The Juniors and Seniors HAVE to pay their dues each year, which can go to about $200.  The link included in the second paragraph shows the poverty level in the area to be frighteningly high and yet we are hit with fees to do what should be given to us.

I myself was unable to do any extracurricular activities any year because I simply didn't have the money to pay their fees.  We are charged money for every class.  Lab fees, computer fees, book fees, etc. and if we are unable to pay it, we are normally unable to use it.  I say 'normally' because there are luckily some nice teachers there.  I will not say who, but some would anonymously pay some of my fees because we never had the money.

I was signed up for free lunch for many years, but I had to stop eating lunch there because they started charging me anyway.  I asked them why they charged us, but they said that I would have to take it up with the school.  This is the kind of school where you could wait months for a response.

That is the end of my post for now, but I hope enough people will read this that I will be able to post another about the school on a different subject, such as the teachers, students, classes, and many other topics I could write many different things about.

1 comment:

  1. From this post it seems like whoever is running the school needs to get kicked out. There must be a number of ways to get essential infrastructure repaired. Unrepaired leaks in the library?

    Some of the issues you raise seem close to crossing the line when it comes to work place safety.

    You might want to discover how the school is funded and exactly where all the cash goes, the cash not used to wax the gym floor.

    In my experience if you discover how a system works, and can identify the key problems that act behind the scenes, you can formulate a plan to change the situation.

    I have no experience when it comes to how your school actually operates.

    Good luck !