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Saturday, June 07, 2014

There are Two United States and Two Constitutions

Written By FaithRMichaels
regarding the two Constitutions of for them and none for us....We the People

The United States of America  and the United States are not the same entity...
Not sure they are the same country...
Below you will find an essay on the two Constitutions of the United States...

 The Two United States and the Law"


                         Howard Freeman
                          P. O. Box 364
                        Lusk, Wyo. 82225

Our forefathers,  weary of  the  oppressive  measures  that  King
George III's  government forced  upon them,  in  common  declared
their independence  from England in 1776.  They were not expected
to be  successful in  that resistance.   The  moneyed people  had
backed England  for two  major reasons.   First,  our forefathers
wanted a  rigid, written  Constitution "set  in concrete."   They
were familiar  with the  so-called Constitution  of England which
consisted  largely   of  customs,   precedents,  traditions,  and
understandings, often vague and always flexible.  They wanted the
principle of English common law, that an act done by any official
person or  law-making body beyond his or its legal competence was
simply void.   Second,  the thirteen  little colonies  desired to
base their  union on substance (gold and silver)  --  real money.
They well  knew how  the  despotic  governments  of  Europe  were
mortgaged to the hilt  --  lock, stock, and barrel, the land, the
people, everything  --  to certain wealthy men who controlled the
banks, the  currency, and all credit, who lent credit but did not
loan gold and silver!

The United  States of  America was  made up of a union of what is
now  fifty   sovereign  States,   a  three-branch   (legislative,
executive, and  judicial) Republic  known as The United States of
America, or  as termed  in this  article, the  Continental United
States.   Its citizenry  live in one of the fifty States, and its
laws are based on the Constitution, which is based on Common Law.

Less than  one hundred years after we became a nation, a loophole
was discovered  in the  Constitution by cunning lawyers in league
with the  international bankers.   They  realized that a separate
nation existed,  by the  same name,  that Congress had created in
Article I,  Section 8,  Clause 17.   This  "United States"  is  a
Legislative Democracy  within the Constitutional Republic, and is
known as  the Federal United States.  It has exclusive, unlimited
rule over  its  citizenry,  the  residents  of  the  District  of
Columbia, the  territories and  enclaves (Guam,  Midway  Islands,
Wake Island,  Puerto Rico,  etc.), and anyone who is a citizen by
way of the 14th Amendment (naturalized citizens).

Both United  States have  the same  Congress that  rules in  both
nations.   One "United States," the Republic of fifty States, has
the "stars  and stripes"  as its  flag, but without any fringe on
it.   The Federal  United States'  flag is  the stars and stripes
with a  yellow fringe, seen in all the courts.

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