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Thursday, October 30, 2014

What's your, really!

When robocalls from scammers started driving people crazy, we heard about it long before it made the headlines. We heard about it from people like you.
Your input helped us launch a national campaign -- still going strong -- to get the phone companies to implement technologies to screen out the scam calls.
But new problems in the marketplace emerge all the time. You are on the front lines. We need to hear about the latest problems you've encountered, so we can take action.
There are lots of things that bother us. We think families are getting snowed under by student loan debt. The cable bill keeps going up. And we're disturbed by all that sugar that's added to our food!
But maybe different things are bothering you lately. Maybe you switched credit cards to get a "reward" that turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. Did you buy a fancy gadget that never worked as advertised? Did you have to fight to get a simple insurance claim paid?
We will review your story, think about reasonable ways to address the problem for everyone, and incorporate your ideas into our work. We won't always launch a big national campaign for you, and we can't intervene in a specific dispute you may be having with a company, but your experience will improve our advocacy.
Chris Meyer, Vice President, Consumers Union,
Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

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