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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Could This Restore Our Planet?

What if there was a holistic energy solution that once implemented would bring a healthy planet, solve the worlds, pollution problems by removing the Greenhouse gases, produce Bio-fuel, organic food, allow people to live tax free, and bring income to the community in a myriad of ways. There is a man who says it can be done. His Name is James Anderson and he has designed something he swears will do all I just stated. It is called the ORB integrated systems.. and it is just that. James Anderson has taken proven-to-work technologies and integrated them into a single holistic planatary solution.

James Anderson is convinced that this system is what will heal this planet. " I have has spent 30 years researching all the problems of sustainable energy and finding true solutions" James stated. He is asking no money from anyone right now so we can explore this without feeling like we are being asked to buy something.

Some time back there was a similar concept called a Venus project. The Venus project gave a utopia concept in a Star Trek kinda way. It gathered money from people and never came through with the design. People yelled fraud of course and many called it a cult. After interviewing James Anderson the Designer of ORB Systems.. His statement was this regarding the Venus Project.."there are a number of technical and social issues which keep TVP from becoming a reality anytime soon. We avoid theese issues by sticking to the here and now practical issues and work for the best possible near future benefit for all".

Besides James is not trying to create a Utopia. He is just trying to heal the Earth. So give it a look..investigate it..see what you think..


We owe it to our children, our grandchildren and all life on this planet to investigate and consider all possible solutions to the trashy planet we as humans have created.

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