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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Petition: Corporations To Finally Gain Control Of The Internet

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Things looked bad for the open Internet when the FCC's Net Neutrality rules were invalidated by the courts earlier this year. But the situation just got a whole lot worse.

The FCC is now planning to kill Net Neutrality by proposing rules that will explicitly allow corporations to pick winners and losers on the Internet.

We must fight back and stand up against this kind of corruption.

According to the New York Times, the new rules would "allow companies like Disney, Google or Netflix to pay Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon for special, faster lanes to send video and other content to their customers."

The Internet was designed to be a level playing field for all users, consumers, innovators, activists, artists, businesses, and everyone between. But the new rules amount to a playing field that is permanently tilted in favor of a handful of gigantic corporations.
Even though we shouldn't be surprised that companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon are getting exactly what they want, we should definitely be outraged.

Stand up to these corporations and tell the FCC to trash its rules and give us real Net Neutrality.

PETITION TO THE FCC: Your proposed rules are unacceptable and display the corruption of Washington at its worst. We demand you present new rules that enshrine Net Neutrality and don't play favorites with a handful of giant corporations.
Click here to sign -- it just takes a second.

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