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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Please sign this petition to the government of Luxembourg

Big news coming out of Luxembourg! Some of the world’s biggest companies, from Dyson to FedEx and from Burberry to Amazon -- they’ve all secured secret sweetheart tax deals from Luxembourg, that has allowed many to slash their tax bills, in some cases to almost nothing.

The Luxembourg Prime Minister is unrepentant. He says “Luxembourg was not breaking any rules.” Of course it's not -- his government devised rules to exploit loopholes in international tax law!
Luxembourg is a tiny place where small ripples can make big waves, where the government is open and accessible. So if we make a lot of noise, we would have a big impact on the government there.

Let’s show Luxembourg's government that we’re fed up with them facilitating corporate tax dodging.

Thanks to a global investigation carried out by over 80 journalists in 26 countries, we know the truth about how the biggest global corporations have cheated us. They’ve used complex webs of internal loans, interest payments and funnelled profits through Luxembourg subsidiaries. What’s truly shocking is that the ‘sweetheart’ deals are all approved by Luxembourg and not illegal. It’s nothing more than a massive tax con-trick.

The expose blows the lid off how global mega-corporations are ripping off ordinary taxpayers right around the world, from the UK and US to Brazil and China. -- but they can only continue to cheat us because of tax havens like Luxembourg.

SumOfUs was created in part to hold tax dodging corporations accountable. This is a huge opportunity created by some outstanding investigative journalism to really show the politicians of Luxembourg that they can no longer aid and abet corporate tax dodgers.
Can you post a quick message to the government of Luxembourg?

More information:

Luxembourg tax files: how tiny state rubber-stamped tax avoidance on an industrial scale, 6 Nov 2014, The Guardian.
Luxembourg leaks: global companies’ secrets exposed ,6 November 2014, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists PM Xavier Bettel says Luxembourg abiding by international rules on tax, 6 November 2014, Economic Times.

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