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Friday, May 15, 2015

Fight Wall Street's Attack on Dodd-Frank!

Wall Street's at it again.

They're hoping you've forgotten how they crashed the global economy in 2009, and are setting the cronies they fund in Congress to dismantle the protections in the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill.

Sign this petition: tell Congress we need stronger rules keeping the big banks in check, not carveouts and giveaways to let them run wild.

Senator Richard Shelby just released an aggressive bill attacking Dodd-Frank, which the ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee called out as "a sprawling industry wish list of Dodd-Frank rollbacks.

Here are some of the worst parts:
  • Cutting back provisions that rein in “too big to fail,” putting taxpayers back on the hook to bail out mega-banks like during the financial crisis.
  • Carving out new exemptions to Dodd-Frank’s safe lending rules, making it easier for banks to go back to selling the toxic mortgages that tanked the global economy.
  • Undermining the Federal Reserve’s efforts to put in place strong risk controls over some of the country’s largest banks.
Don’t let Wall Street return to the reckless behavior that made so many bankers rich peddling toxic loans.

Sign on to the petition to tell Congress: oppose Sen. Shelby’s attack on Dodd-Frank and any other rollback on financial reform.

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