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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Scientists Want To Bring Back Ancient Virus

Written By FaithRMichaels:

It's  a virus and it has been asleep in the ice and permafrost for 30,000 yrs.and there is more than fact there are quite a few actually.
Those viruses are in the permafrost  that global warming is exposing.
Now before someone e-mails me to tell me that there is no global warming..orrr
that global warming is a lie perpetuated by political lies,..orrr
that global warming is a ruse to make profits with a carbon tax..
I want to say that I wasn't listening to nor do I believe the politicians.

Then why do I speak of global warming and these viruses being a possible problem?

 The Inuit People have a track record of being fact as far as I know they have never been mistaken when they insist on something.
The Inuit insist global warming is a reality and they also insist that the Earth has shifted on it axis.
I believe them.

Read more bout that here

Now back to those ancient viruses.
It may not matter to humanity or other life on this planet if these ancient long dormant viruses get exposed and in our  environment from the melting permafrost and ice.
It could be that long ago humanity developed an immunity to them ,
Could be that other life forms on the planet developed an immunity as well.
 It also is possible that the things those viruses effect are no longer alive..having long ago gone extinct.

What bothers me  is that scientist are reconstructing the genetic codes of these ancient viruses to see if they MIGHT pose a problem for humanity..
SAY What????
  As more of these ancient viruses are exposed; scientist should have plenty to play with.

Somehow I am just not comforted by  scientist playing with and reconstructing the genetic code for these viruses.
Its not like people would use that knowledge  for biological warfare or anything heinous like that.
To read more about it go here

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