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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Virginia (A Southern State) Ends Homelessness for Veterans

Written By FaithRMichaels

Virginia is reported to be the first state to end homelessness for Veterans
Virginia is working on another program to end homelessness for all people in their state by the end of 2017.

The homeless problem in America is a big one.
from The National Alliance to end homelessness
"On a single night in January 2013 there were 610,042 reported homeless people in America."
 These stats only reflect the homeless that were known about.
(Many feel the number was actually higher.)
The numbers of  homeless has dropped somewhat since then they say.. but the numbers are still staggering.

I personally have seen many homeless living under bridges..carrying signs begging for work and it was during last years coldest times of the winter .
People would say things like.."there are shelters they can go to.
I called a few..they were full and could take in no more people .Some of those places wanted money from the homeless to stay there..I was thinking..WTH?

The state of Utah who as far as I know was the first state in America to do something positive about their homeless people;has succeeded with over90% of the homeless having housing as of this writing.
It is this bloggers opinion that that is most excellent news.

It is not only Virginia and Utah implementing programs such as these.
Kudos out to New Orleans,New York, and Connecticut for working hard to solve the homeless Veteran  problem. No person who has ever served in our military should ever be homeless in this country.
Once the above mentioned states get their homeless veterans housed?
Then they plan to implement that program to ensure All Homeless Americans get housing.

The homeless situation has been a concern of mine for decades..My couch and my home have served many who had no place to go,including a couple of homeless veterans. They were our friends and we were glad to put them up in our home.
No words can adequately express my joy at this news.

for more details on the homeless veterans getting housing  go here

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