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Thursday, November 19, 2015

We Are from "The Confederate States Of America" Country Folks Can Survive

Written By FaithRMichaels:
I'm fixin to write in the southern for those folks who require proper English..I apologize.
Down here where I live is what used to be the Confederate States of America..
 We are the original Rebels.
 I ain't talkin bout Rich plantation owner white folk.
I am talkin good ole regular workin poor folk.
 an we don't give two shits about terrorists.
If or when they show up??
The Southern Folk got somethin for their ass.
We know this.
 If or when something happened out in the country??
There would be grieving then would come payback as sure as sun shines.
No one would talk to the law..Folks would just vanish..or show up dead in a huntin accident and no one would know what happened to em.
If we went to jail or died for it?? We be thinking it was worth it.
City Southern folk are different than Southern Country folk.
It's the Southern country folk I'm talkin about.
Cornbread fed,moonshine drinkin,redneck walkin deerhuntin,mudridin,Wildboys and Wildwomen.
The kind that ALL the favorite country songs are talkin about.
I was raised up with them..I raised a few wild things of my own.
Proud of them too.

I'm a Southern Gal. Born In Tennessee.
My family lines from both sides ... all the way back to the 1700's were born in or moved to or were from, the Indian Territories in the Appalachian mountains.
From there they went further south all the way to Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico
I am a proud Southerner.
Proud to be in a place of rednecks , hill folk,country folk and Rebel flags.
Proud to be in a place where neighbor helps neighbor.
 Most folks here don't care bout skin color long as folks act right or can get some act right.
Proud to be in a place where all the churches feed the hungry,visit the sick in hospitals and have clothes closets and food banks for those who ain't got.No matter the skin color.
If you hungry down here and folks know it..they will fix you right up with deer meat and stuff from their garden.
Proud to be in a place where everyone knows everyone else.
Proud to be in a place where when someone dies ..folks come and bring you and your's food so the family don't have to cook.
Even though the media likes to portray people from the South as all racist it ain't true.
Here in the South many of our families are multiracial.
We don't be hatin on our kin.
We may fight with our kin..but their OUR kin.
Nobody else better touch em...  theres been many a killin over such as that..
In the South "They needed killin "is an understood concept."
Many a folk down here have disappeared ..never to be seen or heard from again.
Now I ain't condoning that ..I'm just sayin it happens.
The media and very stupid people often portrays us country folks as backwards while extolling their citified virtues as elite or something to aspire to.
Down here those type folk are considered ignorant..ill mannered and to be politely someone would tolerate a mentally ill person..Bless their hearts.They just don't know any better.

For those who have never lived in the Southern United States or are unfamiliar with the unique culture we have down here;Let me tell you it's a different world.
 When you get out of the's like going to another country.
EVERYONE in the Southern Countryside owns weapons of all kinds.
Folks target shootin is a way to spend a weekend afternoon.
Them old dynamite fish stories are rooted in fact.
Country folk know how to survive off the land cause we been doin it a very long time.
Those in  the cities may be afraid of terrorist.
We in the country just sit quietly watchin that news sippin on good homemade elixirs...gettin our shotguns and 30/30 rifles and scopes ready for deer huntin season.
We have a sayin in the South..
We can always take someone huntin.
Hank Williams Jr.a Tennesse Country tellin the truth in his song Country Boy Can Survive.

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