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Thursday, January 28, 2016

THE X-FILES | Opening Scene from "My Struggle"

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  1. Not a bad opening episode except that I thought the acting was a bit wooden and the script seemed a bit cheesy - it seemed a bit less subtle and less sophisticated than I remembered from the old show.

    In the full length monolog there is a short run down of various UFO events. Mulder mentioned the Washington DC sightings and Pentagon press conference but mistakenly said this was in 1957. It was July 1952. This simple mistake concerning a famous case is not so good considering Mulder is supposed to be a top notch UFO expert.

    Also, the TV show depicted a large saucer to represent what happened in the Roswell incident. However, the accounts of the Roswell crash from rancher Mac Brazel and US intelligence officer Jesse Marcell described a large debris field of relatively small parts. Another account taken at the time in a separate location described the wreckage of a 'winged' vehicle with deceased occupants - it was not saucer shaped. I guess the show was taking artistic licence in order to tell their story.

    One thing I really liked was the season 10 intro. I forgot how much I liked the opening music and images!