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Thursday, May 12, 2016

North Korea Documentary

North Korea Documentary by debunkerbuster

Details the rise of Kim Jong Un and the capitalistic reforms to the North Korean economy.

"North Korea remains the world’s most repressed economy, firmly adhering to a system of state command and control under the regime’s long-standing songun ('military first') policy. Every aspect of economic activity remains tightly controlled by the Communist Party and Kim Jong-un, the hermit kingdom’s third-generation 'supreme leader.'"

A Shift Toward Capitalism? Recent Economic Reforms in North Korea:

North Korea's creepy-crawly capitalism
By Bertil Lintner

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia and BANGKOK, Thailand - North Korean capitalism is thriving - just not inside North Korea. Pyongyang has steadily established a string of legitimate and less legitimate front companies across East and Southeast Asia, aimed at earning the cash-strapped government badly needed hard currency. And, by all indications, business is booming.


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