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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sirhan Sirhan, a Patsy in the RFK Murder -- Dr. William Pepper, Attorney

Sirhan Sirhan, a Patsy in the RFK Murder -- Dr... by debunkerbuster

William Pepper on the Assassinations of MLK, RFK and JFK:

David Knight fills in for Alex Jones breaking down the latest details from the unraveling NSA spy-gate scandal, which continues unabated after being brought to light of public scrutiny. David speaks with Dr. William Francis Pepper - an English Barrister and American Attorney who worked with Martin Luther King's accused assassin James Earl Ray to clear his name - about how governments operate in the shadows to silence opposition. Dr. Pepper is also lead counsel for Robert F. Kennedy's accused murderer Sirhan Sirhan, and is now pleading for a retrial of Sirhan Sirhan. Besides all manners of hard physical evidence begging a new trial, Dr. Pepper also makes the point that Sirhan Sirhan was brainwashed and hypnotically conditioned (mind controlled, in Program Artichoke, MK Ultra style) to act as a patsy in the Kennedy assassination.

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