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Thursday, March 21, 2019

ALERT: video platform under extreme threat from internet infrastructure providers, forced to delete all New Zealand shooting videos, essentially “at gunpoint” by the globalist controllers of the ‘net - NZ ADOPTS HARSH GUN CONTROL MEASURES AFTER CHRISTCHURCH MASSACRE - New Zealand Blocks Bitchute, 8chan, etc, Gets Told to F Off by Kiwifarms

(Natural News) This is an emergency alert concerning, the free speech video platform alternative to YouTube.
I’m writing this at 12:45 am, March 21st. The Brighteon platform is now under extreme threat by upstream infrastructure providers over users posting footage of the New Zealand Christchurch shooting. We are being threatened to remove all the videos or face complete annihilation online, starting with being de-platformed from infrastructure providers, followed by legal action from none other than the nation of Australia (not even New Zealand itself, but Australia and it’s “Office of the eSafety Commissioner.”)
We anticipated this exact scenario many months ago, and we have been feverishly building alternative internal infrastructure to eliminate any dependencies on upstream infrastructure providers, to the extent that such a configuration is possible. However, we are still several months away from completion of that build out phase. Sadly, over the next few hours we are being forced — essential “at gunpoint” (the irony being completely lost of the fascists who now control the ‘net) — to delete all videos containing footage of the New Zealand shooting.
If we refuse to take this action, then ALL the videos on Brighteon will essentially be de-platformed, and none of them will be viewable by the public. The entire website will be annihilated.
Make no mistake: We are facing extreme online fascism, censorship and authoritarian speech police who are exploiting the New Zealand operation to roll out a totalitarian police state across the ‘net. The excuse we are being given is that hosting or sharing the videos is “promoting violence” — an absurd claim on its face. If videos that depict violence are so harmful to the public, then why did the entire mainstream media play the 9/11 twin towers attack videos a million times over, burning the imagery into the minds of the American people? In that attack, over 3,500 Americans died, yet no one claimed that showing the video was promoting violence.
If violent action sequences are “promoting violence,” then why isn’t every Hollywood action movie banned? Why aren’t the million other violent YouTube videos banned? Why is it perfectly acceptable to show video footage of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich torturing and killing Jews in concentration camps? Have we really reached the point where videos that show Jews being mass murdered are perfectly okay, but videos that show followers of Islam being murdered are criminalized? I thought all genocide was evil, and burying it through censorship is not going to make the hatred go away. If we are to recognize the source of these conflicts and acts of violence, we must be willing to see what actually took place. But today, even viewing certain particular videos is now essentially considered a multi-national crime.
Somehow, this New Zealand shooting video — in which rifle brass disappears mid-air, by the way, like magical ammo — [many people also noted a distinct lack of blood despite media reports that blood was everywhere] is being invoked to justify the ultimate free speech crackdown across the ‘net. Anyone who dares examine the forensic video evidence, ask intelligent questions about the shooting or question the official narrative is now being threatened with internet-wide de-platforming and possible legal action.
We have reached the state of “total censorship” on the ‘net. This is the beginning of the end of humanity, since no voices, views or opinions that contradict “official narratives” are going to be allowed anywhere online.
As InfoWars also covered earlier today, the next escalation of censorship will involve banning URLs from browsers, meaning Chrome, FireFox, etc. will not even allow you type in “” or “” or any other site the globalist controllers don’t want you to see. They will use another false flag shooting as justification to ban any URL they want, always in the name of “public safety.”
In truth, globalists believe that anyone who thinks for themselves is a threat to public safety. Therefore, all non-conformists, dissenters, independent thinkers or outspoken voices of truth must be systematically silenced by all the tech giants, including: Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and others. Together, they now operate a global cabal — an online mafia — that demands absolute obedience to irrational demands.
Sadly, unless either the Trump administration or We the People rise up and overthrow these techno-fascist monstrosities, humanity is now enslaved under absolute online tyranny. No independent thought is allowed from this day forward.
In terms of practical actions, we have been building an “underground” information hub for many months — a new solution that will make content available to human eyes but invisible to all search engines and computer algorithms. Sadly, human truth is going to have to move to “underground” status to evade de-platforming efforts by totalitarian fascists.
I will record a strong video follow-up message in the coming days and post it on Brighteon, unless the internet tyrants annihilate it first. We are working hard to protect free speech, but the globalists are now holding loaded guns at our head and saying they will pull the trigger if we do not comply. For the moment, we are forced to comply in order to save all the other videos on the platform. However, in the long run, we have no intention whatsoever to comply with tyranny and authoritarianism.
– Mike Adams




Someone in NZ better get up the courage to show what's happening to them with the ability to protect yourself and the double standards with Muslims getting to murder Christian on a daily basis equal to ChristChurch or more.

Do the exact opposite people. One thing I have learned and history has proven many times with examples of democide is that any laws that remove the ability to protect yourself cannot be trusted.

Never forget - 15th of March 2019 is the day that New Zealand officially became a totalitarian nanny-state.

So sez the bony faced reptile skank. Pure kommie-dem playbook ladled over more stupid white people in line after Sweden and other countries of past in europe. No big guess needed to know what's gonna happen in another once nice society.



Was NZ Shooting A Drill For Internet Censorship And Gun Confiscation Worldwide?:

Dr. Eowyn, NZ mosque shooting ‘hero dad’ caught texting in rehearsal video

Yesterday, in a comment, FOTM reader Keep up the good work had alerted me to a picture of a mosque-shooting victim texting (source:
The above pic is a screenshot from a video of what appears to be a rehearsal for the second mosque shooting:
Did you catch hero dad at the beginning of the video?
I had a GIF made of hero dad, which shows his moving hands texting on his cell phone:
Below are side-by-side images of “texting dude” and “hero dad” showing the two to be the same man — same red-and-black checkered shirt, same black pants:
But wait, you say.
Maybe hero dad was texting, after he had been shot.
Look at the video again.
From the Mirror‘s account: “The image is from a video taken after the assault, which shows victims strewn across a blood-splattered carpet as cries ring out.”
Do you see any blood “splattered” across the carpet, or hear any cries ringing out?
Instead, what we see are a pristine carpet, people casually standing around, no bullet holes or blood spatter on the walls, no shattered windows, and fake wounded victims, including texting hero-dad and the guy at the 0:26 mark who miraculously sat up after being shot in the head, leaving a pool of blood on the carpet.
[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 22nd, 2019.]

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Was NZ Shooting A Drill For Internet Censorship And Gun Confiscation Worldwide?

Was NZ Shooting A Drill For Internet Censorship And Gun Confiscation Worldwide?


The New Zealand Mosque Shooting Was FAKE

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Alex Jones: Trump’s Betrayal Of Americans’ Rights Heartbreaking! - WEB EXTENDED: Alex Jones Interview | Louder With Crowder

President Trump has not delivered on many of his core promises. Alex Jones calls in from the road to send a message and offer solutions directly to the president, but Trump must act now!...


Lists: Mixed Bag, Trump is Wrong, Trump is Right:

Joe Rogan is right about Alex Jones being right about a lot and more than he knows...

Stop Blaming Trump For The New Zealand Massacre - MUST-LISTEN ---> Interview with 'Top Newsman in New Zealand' Who Breaks Down All the Suspicious Things about the Mosque Killings Including Shooter Drill Taking Place the Same Day - Did Gladio do New Zealand as a false flag to demonize Trump and shut down the Right? - MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Perp?

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Joe Rogan Talks WTC 7 In Trending Podcast - What's It All About?

Joe Rogan's recent 4 hour + podcast with Eddie Bravo and Alex Jones has gone viral, with over 8 million views, it's currently one of you tube's trending videos. One of the topics they cover is the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7. This video looks in more detail at the collapse of WTC 7. Below is a link to Joe's show, and other videos about WTC 7 & The Twin Towers on 9/11:

Joe Rogan's Show:

Former NIST Employee Speaks Out On World Trade Centre Towers Collapse Investigation
A Record of the Explosions Heard Before the Collapse of WTC 7
Larry Silverstein Said WTC 7 Was A Controlled Demolition (Not the "Pull it" quote)
Witnessing 9/11, Explosions & Explosives
Attorneys Hear Eyewitness Evidence of 9/11 Explosive Destruction
Dr. Leroy Hulsey WTC 7 presentation:
Kevin Ryan: Why the NIST WTC Investigation is False & Unscientific:
Kevin Ryan, Toronto 9/11 Hearings, 2011:
Explosive Evidence Experts Speak Out:
David Chandler, Toronto 9/11 Hearings, 2011:
Tony Szamboti (interview includes Silverstein's "controlled demolition" remark)
Take the 47 Minute Building 7 Challenge!
The Men In Building 7 (WTC Documentary)

Joe Rogan Talks WTC 7 In Trending Podcast - What's It All About?


Joe Rogan is right about Alex Jones being right about a lot and more than he knows...

Full Show - Tommy Robinson’s Home Surrounded By ANTIFA / Record Border Arrests Prove Trump Right On Border - Debunking Van Jones and Countless Others on Illegal Immigrant Crime Rates


Monday, February 25, 2019

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Monatomic Gold Powder for Cancer

On the radio program Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis his wife told her account of how she was lit up like a Christmas tree on a cancer scan and how she cured herself. She achieved this she said by militant fasting, essentially not eating for a very long time, and by using the following detailed substance, along with colloidal silver, colloidal platinum, a few other such substances, and food grade hydrogen peroxide.

There are also accounts of people saying this substance made them look and feel younger as well as grew new hair and made gray disappear.

Excerpt from the Nick Redfern's New World Order Book:

Monatomic Gold Powder

Longstanding rumors suggest that the senior figures within the New world Order are seeking to achieve something we all would like to achieve: physical immortality.  It is believed that the New World Order is focusing its efforts on what is known as monatomic gold powder.  More than four decades ago, David Hudson, an Arizona-based farmer whose income was derived from cotton, developed a keen interest in what is now known as the aforementioned monatomic gold powder, or, the aforementioned white powder gold.  Although Hudson worked in the field of farming, he spent a great deal of his spare time focusing on the theme of alien immortality.  As his work and research progressed, Hudson gave a name to the mystery he uncovered and, finally, understood.  He termed it Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, or ORME, which also just happens to be the ancient Hebrew term for nothing less than the Tree of Life, which is just about the most appropriate and relevant terminology of all.

Many of Hudson's investigations led him down a pathway toward the mysteries of the atom and to very surprising results concerning what is concerning what is termed nucleus deformation. in Simple terminology, during such deformation, the nuclei - the core - of monatomic matter performed in a decidedly strange fashion, and is and its configuration was altered.  Hudson found that this specifically occurred in what are termed precious metals.  Within the particular class are silver, palladum, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, iridium, platinum...and gold.  Dan Sewell Ward says of this issue: "Within the new configuration, the atoms interact in two dimensions, with the super-deformed nuclei reaching high spin, low energy states.  In this state the elements become perfect superconductors, with their electrons combining in 'Cooper Pairs' and thus becoming photons of light."

Jim Marrs notes the most eye-opening aspect of this issue: "When reaching this state, the electrons turn to pure white light, and the individual atoms separate, producing a white monatomic powder."

Ward says that a careful study of all the data - ranging from the scientific to the folkloric - suggests Hudson tapped into something which has the ability to utterly transform the human body, making amazing and positive changes to DNA, and even reversing the ravages caused by the likes of cancer and other potentially fatal conditions and leading us toward the door marked "Immortality."...

Purchase on Amazon:

David Hudson | ORMUS Conference Enota 2011 [FULL VIDEO]

There also are lots of cures for cancer but the Big Pharma suppress it.


CANCER IS CURABLE NOW FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY - Make Sure to View Related Links at the Bottom of the Page

Cell Phones and Cancer Risk Fact Sheet - National Cancer Institute - 15 Ways To Protect Yourself From Your Cell Phone

Cooking With Olive Oil May Cause Cancer

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Alex Jones in the News Again for Sandy Hook Lawsuits - What Exactly Did He Say FOR REAL NO SPIN - Jones Has Been Targeted for What He Gets Right Not Something He May Have Got Wrong