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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama's Stimulas Package

Sounds good doesn't it?Is it?I do not know.I have a few questions that I would like to ask.
Where are we getting the money?Are we borrowing it?If so from whom?What are the terms of the loan if we are borrowing it?Where can I read the bill?How exactly does this create more jobs?Washington has a habit of throwing money at things.Then they have no real follow through planned.No real plan of action just money to do something but that something remains vague.
There has been a call from the House to post this bill on the internet for 48 hours.
Someone in the House said why only 48 hours?
He said to let the American People read it and decide for themselves.
I like that!
Damn fine idea actually.
I have a Brain and I can read bet you can read as well.
I have a problem with this whole Bailout concept.
We the tax payers are responsible for bailing ourselves out?
Am I the only one who sees this as a potential problem?
If we had the money we would not need the money from a bailout.
If it is coming from a loan from some other country I have a problem with that.
I do not know the terms of that loan.
I would not sign for a loan that I did not know the terms of.
Would you?
People signing for loans with questionable terms or defaulting on loans is what started this fiasco isn't it?
What are WE THE PEOPLE or THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT placing or have placed as collateral for these loans that will support this bailout?
Like I said I have questions .
I am calling My Senators and Congress people.
I am also going to e-mail Obama.
I hope You call ,e-mail,Obama and your State Reps. as well and ask them questions about the Bailout/Stimulus Package.
I am going to request that they indeed post it on the Internet for longer than 48 hours.
If I am footing The Bill I want to know what is in it!


  1. Where were you for the past eight-years? Just come out of a coma? Oh, forgive me...Bush was ok? Or, did God send you a memo?

  2. Havn't had a computer but for the last few years but I was not idle.Learned much and spoke my thoughts on the matter as well. Spent much time listening to the common people at kitchen tables across three states. Ur sarcasm was not needed but since U have chosen it here is my responce.
    I have been on Care2 and speaking loudly for the last two of those eight years and No Bush was not OK as the latest of my posts will show. In the last eight years I have been caring for my ailing Mom since I am the only surviving sibling, while getting over the death of my son who was born with congenital heart disease. as I am one of the poor folks our government talks about regarding money. I have been very busy living in the real world---been working hard to support my family,and raise my children along with assisting my beloved through his major health issues, and home schooling my kids. soooo forgive me sir if I have been a little busy with living life.

  3. Oh and one last thing I helped establish a Cardiac rehab center for those born with a congenital Heart defect in a local childrens hospital so that my sons death from his corrected birth defect might not happen to others and was one of the leaders of the movement in my county to establish Paramedic ride on ALL ambulances since my son did not have a Paramedic when he stopped breathing and now NO ambulance in this county is without a paramedic.

  4. Bush sucked, so does this Bill.

    As long as the FED operates the way it does we will only have temporary fixes.

    "The Fed’s Grade Card...

    The Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress in 1913 to “provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system.” Though its method of passage is questionable in itself, if the goal truly was to create a more stable monetary system, let’s see how the Fed scores:

    1921 : crash
    1929-1939 : Great Depression
    1953 : recession
    1957-1958 : recession
    1969 : recession
    1973-1975 : recession
    1981-1982 : recession
    1987 : Black Monday crash
    1990 : recession
    2001 : recession
    2007-20?? : recession
    With 11 notable recessions/crashes in 95 years of existence, it’s safe to say the Fed gets an “F” and has absolutely no reason to continue existing, let alone be granted more power from the Treasury and SEC."


    Google: John F. Kennedy vs The Federal Reserve

    So yeah I get sick of hearing we don't have enough money for a new 911 investigation or a war crimes investigation, we can print money for anything it seems, except truth and justice.