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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mixed messages from President Obama after 100 days

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Naomi Klein on Obama’s First 90 Days: A Lexicon of Disappointment

We Can't "Move Forward" Without Truth and Justice

Over at the Screw Loose Change blog they have been "debunking" the film The Obama Deception, I prefer to say they have been reviewing it.

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  1. who knew that over at screw loose change blog they could actually have an intelligent none rant foam at the mouth discussion? Such a refreshing change of pace that was.They should try that more often-I actually wanted to research the subject more in depth than I have to see if I had missed something in my research regarding Lincoln and that quote of his of course they DID not mention the ones from Eisenhower that are on tape or any other presidents regarding the Money Changers/Federal reserve, Normally the only thing they seem to focus on over at that blog is if some 9/11truther did or did not do a spell check or something else just as trivial and ludicrous like no plane theories or some such nonsense as that.Thanx JM for this 100 day Obama checklist from Amnesty International.Only time will tell if Obama is going to do as promised-however it is not looking very promising.Matter of fact he is begining to act just like a true politician -so much for change people can believe in.

  2. Oh pardon me that was non rant not none rant .

  3. Umm, I think they still did a horrible job. Did you miss great stuff like this?...

    "Then comes Joe Rogan. I mean seriously. So far we've had a rapper, a wrestler, a country and western singer, a LaRouche cult member and now we get the former host of Fear Factor? Oh, but he's got so much credibility because he's a mixed martial arts announcer! One of the usual faults of conspiracy theories is the 'Appeal to Authority,' but in this case Alex seems to be going with 'Appeal to Celebrity.'"

    That wrestler was former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, what was Bush before he was president? Without "Appeal to Authority," and "Appeal to Celebrity," what would a documentary be? Appeal to a blank screen? Either that, or the man on the street, but we know Pat would blow that off.

    Should I debunk his "debunking"? I can, I kinda thought the other reviews did that though.

  4. Oh I was NOT complimenting them-not by a long shot-actually I was being subtly sarcastic in regards to what they were saying . I mean so what if people are a rapper or a wrestler- Ronald Regan was an actor before he was prez. so their argument is quite irrelevant to any thing in that arena as their arguments tend to be in general. I mean just who does one have to be to be credible in their eyes-I know! those who agree only with them and their off point views.I was just stating that for their norm that article I read was a little low key considering their normal rants.-Oh and as far as debunking them hon as per our conversation-I do not really think it is needed but by all means feel free if that is what U feel U need to do. I leave that in your most capable hands.