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Friday, August 28, 2009

FBI and Government Sponsered Terrorism

Freedom denied again for Leonard Peltier
Michele Bollinger examines the federal authorities' politically biased decision to keep political prisoner Leonard Peltier behind bars.
I am beyond outraged at this !
It is nothing short of racism and terrorism practised and promoted by the US and the FBI. Two FBI agents lost their lives in the mid 70's when they went onto Pine Ridge reservation in an unmarked car (without telling anyone they were agents) to arrest someone for stealing a pair of boots.
(When do FBI agents worry about boot stealing?)

During the time this incident happened there was much fear in the government regarding the movement against the Vietnam war,Black Panthers and Civil rights movements.
The FBI was in a covert war with these groups and kept large files on many of the people in these groups.
People like Leonard Peltier.

This was sanctioned by our government at the time.(Everyone knows that our government at that time was filled with Racism.) Ask any black person and they will tell you this. Ask any woman and she will tell you about this time of inequality.
Look what happened to Martin Luther King.
They even spied on Correta Scott King after her husband was assassinated.
The government KNOWS Leonard Peltier is innocent and denies him parole.
An excerpt from the article:
"Michele Bollinger examines the federal authorities' politically biased decision to keep political prisoner Leonard Peltier behind bars"

"Peltier did not kill the agents--a fact that the U.S. government has not disputed for years. At an appellate hearing in the 1980s, the U.S. attorney conceded: "We had a murder, we had numerous shooters, we do not know who specifically fired what killing shots...we do not know, quote unquote, who shot the agents."

Their ludicrous reason the parole board gave is this statement:
"that his release would diminish the serious nature of the offense"
that his release would promote disrespect for the law
--that he hasn’t expressed remorse--that he’s had several write-ups in prison, including an escape attempt.

Why on Earth would One admit remorse when one is innocent? They want Leonard to say he did it and he will not because he did not do it!
I bet if Leonard confesses to a crime he did not commit then they will release him because that would free the government from liability.
Leonard has repeatedly stated that he is sorry those men lost their lives while maintaining his innocence regarding his direct involvement with their killings.
As far as disrespect for the law is concerned....
I fail to see why we should respect an agency that has a proven history of abuses of the law and illegal paranoid activities.

Leonard Peltier is a Political prisoner in the United States.He is a political prisoner in the land his Ancestors lived in/on for thousands of years.
He is a victim of the Indian Wars and this countries conquest of Indian Lands through methods such as biological warfare,
(smallpox infected blankets),rape and slaughter of Native women and children,the systematic genocide of a culture and child stealing for brainwashing.The used any method they could come up with to kill off or remove the Native Peoples that were here on this land before Columbus.
(a famous president said they were taking the savage out of the Redman and paraded the "non savage" children in an inaugural parade as proof that they could be made to behave white.)
Leonard is a victim of the genocide policy that has been practised in this country for over 175 years and is a victim of a mentality that came from a papal edict hundreds of years ago called the Doctrine of Discovery. This has never been overturned and is still in use today in an underground way.
Leonard is also the victim of government sponsored terrorism against the Native American people on the Pine Ridge reservation during a time that the FBI considered the AIM movement to be a threat to National Security and used Co-Intel tactics and propaganda to set this act up in which two FBI agents lost their lives.
At the time the FBI was run by Clarance M. Kelley
who worked for years under J.Edgar Hoover. J.Edgar Hoover from all accounts was a racist,paranoid crossdresser.
In my opinion that makes any one in the FBI agency at the time and especially those who were on that reservation that day the FBI agents died, suspect of racism and more. The FBI has a long history of illegal actions and COINTEL operations.
While my heart goes out to the families of the FBI agents who were killed that day they are not the only victims of this terrorism, that was sponsored by the FBI and factions within the Native community.
There were GOON squads on the Pine Ridge rez whose idea it was to run the rez like a mafia or a street gang.
(The FBI was all for these thugs and thought they would be a great idea)
Unsolved murders of natives from that time period are not looked into by the FBI because they don't care and it would expose them and their illegal terrorism tactics.
That's why they will not release documents of that time to the courts.

Such notable names who have called for Leonard's freedom and have spoken in his behalf are Desmond Tutu, Amnesty International,Robert Redford and governments around the world.

Lynette Fromme a life long follower of Charles Manson ,tried to kill a sitting US president and she is now free.
Why is it OK for her to be loose in the world but not Ok for Leonard Peltier to be free.
Lockerby bomber goes free But not Leonard.
We release child molesters, rapist, wife and children beaters back into society but not Leonard.
Leonard has been a model prisoner and is very ill, he has suffered abuse and beating during his incarceration from the prison guards but that's OK?????
We The People shall have an investigation into the FBI along with The CIA.
Sooner or later their terrorism will be exposed.
I am going to work for sooner because Pine Ridge is not the only terrorism the FBI is guilty of.
Remember WACO and those dead babies?
We have to say ENOUGH ALREADY!... to this kind of government sanctioned terrorism.
This kind of mentality created many false flag operations and this is how 9/11 happened and it's truth is still being denied.Our government intelligence agencies are in serious need of a overhaul and should be reminded that our Constitution is the law of this land.
Mr.Attorney General Holder when you investigate the CIA for criminal activities you should also re-open the investigation into Pine Ridge,Wounded Knee and WACO regarding the FBI involvement and government sanctioned terrorism.

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